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Life can be hectic and stressful, and making important decisions about your future can be a daunting task. If we don't take the time to look after ourselves and our mental health, this stress can build up even more.

These resources have been included in this section to remind you that it's important that you look after yourself and your wellbeing.

Anxiety Workshop by UWTSD Applied Psychology Lecturer

Anxiety Workshop- PowerPoint presentation with voiceovers by Dr. Charlotte Greenway, lecturer in BSc Applied Psychology

In these slides, you are guided by the voice of Dr. Charlotte Greenway, an Applied Psychology lecturer at UWTSD, who asks you to complete different tasks and activities to help you understand how we can spot anxiety, how it is developed, and how it can be controlled through the use of some helpful exercises and techniques. 

Stay Motivated Worksheet

Stay Motivated Worksheet

A guide to help anyone keep motivated by setting achievable goals.

Health Psychology and COVID-19 Article

Health Psychology and COVID-19 Article

An interesting article written by Dr. Ceri Phelps who leads on the Psychology and Counselling provision at UWTSD, discussing what we have learned about how best to cope during uncertain times.

Student Wellbeing infographic

Tips for students on maintaining their wellbeing

This infographic contains tips and advice for all students on how to maintain their wellbeing enabling them to make the most of the opportunities that student life has to offer in school/college and university.

Motivation, Resilience and Stress Relief workshop

A light-hearted and interactive session, offered by teaching staff from UWTSD's BA Applied Drama: Education, Wellbeing, Community, that will teach students how to build their resilience, manage their stress levels and keep motivated. 

Date: on request
Suitable for: year 11/12/13 or equivalent students
Duration: 30/45 minutes

Contact the team to arrange