Al Younghoon Kang

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Mr Al Younghoon Kang MPhil



Lecturer – BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation

  • Concept Art and Traditional Animation
  • Character Design
  • Character Sculpting
  • Visual FX and Compositing
  • Entertainment Industry Economics
  • Version Control Pipeline implementation
  • Render Farm Set Up and Maintenance

Lecturer – BA (Hons) Creative Computer Games Design

  • Interactive Storytelling and Design
  • Character Design
  • Character Sculpting
  • External Industry Liaison and Project Lead
  • Version Control Pipeline implementation
  • Render Farm Set Up and Maintenance

Al Kang spent the formative years of his life travelling across Canada in his pursuit of becoming a visionary storyteller. This one time bass player for the punk band, The Lancasters, eventually found his way into Canada's animation industry as an animator and story artist. Working for such companies as Mattel, Alliance Atlantis and Cartoon Network, Al had the opportunity to work on such projects as Barbie, Dragon Booster, and Ed, Edd and Eddy. Along the way, he managed to garner the Ben Wicks Award for Outstanding Canadian Children's Illustrator.

He eventually introduced this style of art and storytelling into a number of different projects, including the Lance Armstrong Sports Revolution Project for Nike's Advanced Concept Group, where Al acted as Creative Director.

After an illustrious career at Electronic Arts that spanned over four years, working as a concept artist and lead artist on such projects as Need for Speed:Underground, Underground 2, and Need for Speed:Most Wanted, Al was recruited by EA's secret IP development team, where he wrote screenplays and produced story art for 3 new Next Gen projects ... a gritty sci-fi epic (still in production), a Guy Ritchie-style action-adventure (still in production), and  EA’s Skate.

Al was eventually recruited by Krome Studios, Australia’s largest independent videogame company located in Brisbane, Australia, where he worked as a Lead Artist on both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Clone Wars: Republic Heroes. On the side, he's written articles for Metro/Screenwriting Magazine on the state of interactive storytelling and the narrative arc in games.

Currently, Al is a full-time Lecturer at Swansea College of Art where he teaches on the BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation degrees and the BA(Hons) Creative Computer Games Design degrees.

  • Visual FX for Animation
  • Utilizing tools such as Houdini, Nuke and Mari for the visual development of procedural fx and simulations for incorporation in a CG Animation pipeline
  • Advanced VFX
    • Advanced compositing techniques for use in live-action filmmaking
  • Visual Studies
    • Fundamentals of Perspective
    • Character Design
    • Live Drawing
  • Major Project (CCGD)
    • Supervision and Feedback
  • Major Project (3DCA)
    • Supervision and Feedback
  • L5 Creative Enterprise and Practice/L7 Creative Venture
    • Preparation and Delivery of Project Bids, including Financing and Marketing
    • Market Analysis and Projections (in terms of Intellectual Properties in the Entertainment Industry)
    • Production Budgets and Logistics
  • MPhil
  • The Vanishing Point
  • An examination of the application of traditional art tools and techniques to the digital art creation process

Four key areas of practical and academic expertise:

1. Entertainment Design
a. Concept Art
b. Digital Sculpting

2. Scriptwriting
a. BAFTA Rocliffe - Shortlist

3. Digital Cinematography and Realtime Filmmaking

4. Production Pipelines

1. Gen Zero One
a) Joint Chinese/UK Feature Film Project in conjunction with UWTSD

2. Atomicom Ltd. (Liverpool)
a) JCB Mars Pioneer
b) Various
c) Student Engagement Live Briefs

Metro Magazine (Australia)

“The 360 Degree Screenplay”

SAND: Industry Speaker

“The 360 Degree Screenplay” (2008)

“The Hand of the Artist” (2015)