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Ms Amanda Owens BSc Econ (Jnt Hons); PGCE; Dip Counselling

Health Portfolio Programme Manager

Tel: 01792 481255

As a lecturer in both Health and Social Care and Public Services, I teach a range of modules across both programs at undergraduate level. I am the admissions tutor for the Health and Social Care programs which include HND/BSc Health and Social Care, HND/BSc Health Management and the Foundation Degree for Children and Young people.

Additionally, I am the Level 4 Manager which is essentially a year tutor role. I have recently taken the role of student support liaison, as well as moderator for Yeovil College and an external examiner for Plymouth University for their Public Services Programs.

Previous to entering academia I worked for British Telecom as a senior manager within their retail and b2b operations for 15 years. I was instrumental in delivering first generation mobile communications packages to business users as well as conventional land line services. I was responsible for the business centres in Exeter, Oxford and Cardiff.

Following a change in personal circumstances I returned to education to study Philosophy and Sociology at Swansea University. During the course of my studies I took the decision to follow a long held vocation to enter the teaching profession. Based on my studies I decided to pursue a career in higher education.

Over the past 7 years I have developed my skills and experience through posts at both Coleg Sir Gar, Graig Campus, and Swansea Metropolitan University. Through my teaching on the Health and Social Care/Public Services programs I have developed a keen interest in all areas of both programs, in particular Leadership and Organisation, Counselling and Social Theory. I also pride myself on the level of student interaction that I promote and I am fully committed to offering wider participation to students as this is what allowed me to enter into higher education in the first place.      

Associate Member of the British Counselling Society.

I am a lecturer on both the Health and Social Care and the Public Services modules and currently deliver the following modules:

Health & Social Care.

  • Leadership & Organisation, level 4
  • Communication & Counselling, level 4
  • Working in Partnership, level 5
  • Leadership & Management of Change, level 6
  • Emerging Issues in Health & Social Care Delivery, level 6

Public Services.

  • Social Theory and Policy, level 4
  • Contemporary Issues & Working in Partnership in Public Services, level 5

Previously taught modules on both programmes.

  • Behavioural Dynamics, level 4
  • Health Promotion, level 4
  • Ethics, level 4
  • Working With Communities, level 5
  • Leadership in the Public Sector, level 5
  • Health Policy, level 6
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, level 6
  • Social media and its influence upon health and social care.
  • Health Delivery in an ageing society
  • Sexual Behaviour in the 21st Century
  • Integrative Counselling
  • Wider participation in Higher Education

Having spent 15 years working for a large multinational business I have developed excellent hands-on interpersonal skills. I believe that I am able to motivate and inspire any group that I am tasked to work with.

I draw from a wide range of life experiences to provide relativity to the subjects which I deliver. I believe that, having come to academia later in my working life, I am able to offer my students a balanced and realistic representation of the modules which I deliver.

My strong commercial experience lends itself to delivering the more business and corporate focussed modules, while my enthusiasm and interest in philosophy and sociology allows me to present the more esoteric and humanistic elements of the programs in a manner that is both informative, relevant and stimulating. 

My passion and commitment has recently been reflected in the National Student Survey where Health & Social Care received the highest satisfaction rating in the faculty. This has been further recognised through the teaching award for the faculty.