Andre Vesyelkin

Mr Andre  Vesyelkin BA Technology (Industrial Design)

Senior Lecturer


Tel: 01792 481285


  • Design and develop a range of modules and programmes of study at various levels.
  • Monitor, evaluate and review module and programme content and materials on a regular basis, updating when required.
  • Develop and apply innovative and appropriate teaching techniques, materials and assessment methods at the appropriate level, which create interest, understanding and enthusiasm amongst students.
  • Ensure that all validated programmes are appropriately benchmarked against external standards, such as the QAA benchmarking documents.
  • Ensure that programme design and delivery comply with the quality assurance regulations of the institution and are at the appropriate standard for the award.
  • Within own area of expertise, evaluate the effectiveness of own learning and teaching and that of others.
  • Contribute to institutional audit events such as Annual Reviews, Quinquennial Reviews and School Audits.
  • Assist in the preparation of audit and review documents such as Quinquennial Review Reports and the School Self Evaluation Document.
  • Extend and develop own subject knowledge and expertise in order to deliver lectures and modules outside existing area of expertise.
  • Work, as required, with colleagues to deliver modules outside existing area of expertise.
  • Set and assess coursework and examinations and provide feedback to students in accordance with University regulations and provide support to colleagues in this respect.
  • At the appropriate standard for the level of a module, be responsible for setting assessment criteria to measure the extent to which the student has achieved the learning outcomes of the module, and provide support and guidance for colleagues in this respect.
  • Provide guidance and support for less experienced lecturers in the identification and use of appropriate teaching, learning support and assessment methods at the appropriate level.
  • Provide support for less experienced lecturers in setting and assessing coursework and examinations and providing feedback to students in accordance with University Regulations.
  • Develop personal research interests associated with the programmes/subject field and contribute to the Schoolsresearch profile through publication/practice.
  • Contribute to wider research initiatives and clusters at School/Faculty/University level where appropriate.

Starting work with a small Design consultancy Charlwood Design, Melbourne, Australia in 1996 proceeded to work for variety of companies: Eshcol Interactive (VR games development, Singapore), Design Reality (product design, Melbourne) and eventually securing long time career in automotive design with companies like Millard Design, TWR/VDA and Ford in Australia, also accepting an invitation to become guest lecturer from Monash University, Melbourne in 1999.

In 2006 accepted an offer from newly formed British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow in partnership with University of Hertfordshire, England to lead Product design course, which also led to establishment of links with industry and development of client base. In 2007 decided to continue design practice full time which resulted in 4 years of R&D management role with Agregat/Millennium company, developing transportation design products for Russian Railroads and being involved in some automotive design projects with other companies such as Marussia and Cardi in Moscow. In 2013, an opportunity has risen to continue academic path in Design Education with DYP-DC and DSK in Pune, India for two years until 2015.

BA level M6X01244, M4X01361, M5X01236, M5X01236, M4X01229

Main interests are in Skill based and development subjects, such as product rendering, visualization and computer aided surfacing and design, studio practise and problem solving  with innovative approaches and outcomes, projects delivering general and bespoke solutions to set briefs and tasks

  • Design history and development
  • Modern technology development as applied to new products
  • Materials development and their application in modern products and production
  • History of cars
  • History of arts

Product visualisation (traditional manual, Photoshop, CorelDraw), CAD (Alias), design development and evaluation.

Live projects for PACCAR (North America), Honda, Maruti/Suzuki and Tata (India). Two working prototypes for Indian developer of electric vehicles: electric bike and electric urban vehicle. Number of winning projects in international and local design competitions: VW, Nissan, SIAM, Michelin.

  • Live line forum with design students and design community on website, September 2006.
  • Contemporary Design overview in Car magazine, Moscow, October 2006. 
  • Mini – history of development of 1960s iconic products – mini skirt and Mini car in context of societal changes. Trend magazine, April 2008
  • Art of balance sheets – history and development of automotive advertising through variety of media and demands of different periods. Trend magazine. May 2008
  • What Russian – biographical and historical overview of Zora Arcus-Duntov – father of Chevrolet Corvette. Trend magazine, June 2008.
  • Number of articles on own website dedicated to design history and its contemporary and future developments since 2014 to present.