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Mrs Andrea Cindy Hunt BA

Lecturer/Visiting Tutor

Tel: 01267 676726

I am professionally qualified to degree level as a youth worker with over ten years of experience to draw upon. In addition to this I have over four years of experience of working in Primary Education as a Learning Support Assistant, in which I gained appropriate qualifications such as the City and Guilds Certificate in Learning Support.

My professional career to date has equipped me with a wealth of understanding and knowledge that I feel would benefit students studying the programmes within this exciting and innovative School. I feel enthusiastic and a responsibility to share some of these experiences and skills so that others can learn from my experience and professional journey.

I have recently been awarded The Guardian National Public Services Award for my service to young people, families and the communities in which they belong. This award exemplifies that I have certain qualities and core values and would welcome the opportunity to teach these to the students within the School.

Youth and Community Programme Development Group.

My academic interests lie in the field of working with young people, families and communities and in particular the role of learning from experience. I am interested in the valuable learning opportunity student’s experience on placement/observation.

I also act as a visiting tutor for the Youth and Community Work Team which involves supporting a number of students during their fieldwork placement. I feel placement activity and observational visits for educational purposes has an extremely valuable contribution to make to student‘s learning, and enjoy seeing students learn and develop.

One of the responsibilities of the visiting tutor is the assessment of students and I feel that I have some knowledge and skills in doing this. For example during placement I am responsible for setting out what outcomes the student needs to achieve and then measuring these along the way in accordance to the learning outcomes for the module.

Another role within the visiting tutor position is pastoral care and I often provide first line support to students and refer them to the appropriate member of staff for further help and support if needed.

My research interests lie in the field of work with young people, families and communities. I have been involved in research activity within the School’s academic portfolio which includes research activity with the NFER to undertake a review of the Youth Service in Gwynedd.