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Professor Andrew Petersen MA, MPhil, PhD

Director of Research in Islamic Archaeology


Director of Research in Islamic Archaeology

Prof. Petersen studied medieval history and archaeology at St.Andrews followed by an MPhil in Islamic Architecture at Oxford. His PhD at Cardiff University concentrated on the development of urban centres in medieval and Ottoman Palestine. He has worked in and carried out research in a number of countries of the Middle East and Africa including, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Oman, Syria, Qatar, Kenya and Tanzania. He has also worked in British archaeology with a speciality in recording standing buildings.

  • Corporate Member Institute for Archaeologists- MIFA
  • Fellow of the  Royal Historical Society FRHistS

Modules Taught:

In addition to contributing to general method and theory courses the following specialised modules have been taught:

  • Shrines of Muslim Palestine
  • Ottoman Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Buildings
  • Islamic Architecture
  • Ottoman Archaeology
  • Islamic Archaeology of Arabia
  • Islamic Architecture
  • History and Archaeology of Muslim Towns
  • Archaeological evidence for Islam in Britain and Europe
  • Archaeological Building Survey
  • Excavation of historic period sites
  • Islamic Architecture
  • Islamic Archaeology Project in Qatar
  • Consultant Erbil Citadel  Kurdish Regional Government
  • Consultant Qatar Museums Authority  (National Museum and Museum of Islamic Art)

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 A Dictionary of Islamic Architecture Routledge, London and New   York 1995 (paperback edition 1998 also available on ‘’ from June 2002 ).

Edited Series

Special Section of fifteen papers on ‘Islamic Archaeology’ for Antiquity  2005


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External Committees

  • British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology BANEA Member of steering committee
  • Al-Masaq Editorial Board
  • Qatar National Day Committee Advisor
  • British Museum Exhibition Consultant  and Member of Hajj Exhibition Advisory Committee


  • Qatar Foundation Grant –Visualizing Qatar’s Past $400,000
  • British Academy- Buildings of Muslim Palestine £10,000
  • Organised the Wales Qatar Archaeology Conference Cardiff September 2010
  • Visualizing Qatar’s Past – Exhibition at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar