Dr Angus M Slater

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Dr Angus M Slater

Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies

I currently teach on the introductory level Judaism & Christianity undergraduate course and on a number of the University's Masters level Distance Learning courses. In addition I am closely involved in the development of the Professional Doctorate in Interfaith Studies course.

After graduating from Lancaster University in Religious Studies, I continued there for my postgraduate study, focusing on aspects of Inter-religious Dialogue, Christian Theology and Islamic Law. I have previously worked at Lancaster University, the University of Cumbria, and Keele University, before being appointed a Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies at UWTSD.

  • British Association for Islamic Studies
  • British Society fort Middle Eastern Studies
  • Society for the Study of Theology
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Most of my teaching is focused on aspects of inter-religious dialogue, particularly at higher levels. I also teach aspects of Christian Theology, particularly contemporary contextual approaches such as queer theology, as well as contributing to a number of study skills and introductory modules across Theology, Religious Studies, and Church History.

My research interest largely lies in the interaction between religious faith and the way that they conceptualize the other. This works its way out in a concern for Christian theological and Islamic legal approaches to issues of dialogue, authority, power, identity, and narrative. Beyond this area, I have an interest in the positioning of religion within the construction of identity more widely - whether the context of this is in the world of cyberspace, personal sexual narratives, or alternative modes of identity construction.

My expertise falls into the following categories:

  • Inter-religious and inter-faith dialogue
  • Conservative post-modern Christian Theology
  • Contemporary Islamic Law
  • Queer Theology and Theory

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