Anna Stevenson stands on a steep slope in a desiccated landscape of pink and grey sand.

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Anna Stevenson BSc

  • Graduate Assistant (WAHPL)
  • Doctoral Student (IMH)


Anna’s doctoral research involves evaluating and developing a family engagement, motor skill programme which is a collaboration between the Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy (WAHPL) and the Football Association of Wales Trust.

Anna is also a tutor on the WAHPL early years training courses.

Alongside her studies, Anna has worked as a children’s coach and in the early years setting for several years. She is passionate about motor development research and motivated to encourage families across Wales to become more physically active and help parents support their pre-schoolers' physical development.

As a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Anna coaches on the fitness and health courses for over 50s at the University’s Centre for Health and Ageing for WAHPL.

  • International Motor Development Research Consortium
  • Supports and delivers on the Creative Movement module on the PE degree

  • Early childhood motor development
  • Parental engagement programmes to support childhood motor development
  • Physical literacy
  • Stevenson, A., Wainwright, N., & Williams, A. (2022). Interventions targeting motor skills in pre-school-aged children with direct or indirect parent engagement: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. Education 3-13, 1-14.

Conference Presentation

  • Stevenson, A., Wainwright, N., Williams, A. (2021, September). Footie Families – A methodological analysis of the design and implementation of a community family engagement motor skill programme for pre-schoolers. Presented at the Fifth Assembly of the International Motor Development Research Consortium, Virtual