Mrs Bridget Moseley BSc Hons Institutional Management

Head of the Apprenticeship Unit 

Tel: 01267 676901

Originally joined the University in 2012 as a Workforce Development Fellow within the Work-based Learning team and has since been appointed to a permanent position as Lecturer within the Work-based Learning team.  My role is to liaise with partners of the UWTSD group to ensure progression opportunities for learners in the workplace, particularly learners who have completed Apprenticeships.  She also supports students studying the Professional Practice framework at all levels within WIWBL. 

Since 2018 I have led the UWTSD Apprenticeship Unit coordinating its Degree and Higher Apprenticeship provision in England and Wales, working with Faculties to develop and deliver programmes.

An enthusiastic supporter of work based learning and is fully committed to the benefits of appropriate and timely, work-based learning to employers and employees.

Degree in Institutional Management and following time spent working in the hospitality sector specialised in training and development through work based learning.  

Worked in the public and private sector with adults and young people, on a vast array of programmes from short, specialist courses developing specific practical skills to long term personal development programmes for individuals seeking to progress through their careers and gain academic awards at the same time.

Research interests are around progression opportunities for non-traditional learners, particularly learners in the workplace and especially learners who have completed apprenticeship programs.  Having worked with Apprentices and their employers for many years, Fully conversant with workplace practices in a varied range of workplaces including public, private and third sector organisations and across a wide range of occupational areas.  

Leads on Apprenticeships, lower level vocational skills development and Welsh Government policy relating to skills.

In a previous role, researched and prepared reports to support the strategic development of appropriate provision for Apprenticeships and skills.

Experienced in the delivery of government funded work based learning programmes.

In depth knowledge of post 16 education in Wales, both FE and WBL.

Peer Inspector for ESTYN