Standing in a white room with shelves and a large-leaved green houseplant in the background, Christian Felices looks straight into the camera in a close-up photo.

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Christian Felices  BA, PGCE (PCET)

Level 4 Coordinator Employability Skills


I am the course coordinator for the Employability Skills programme in both Cardiff and Swansea and teach across a number of programmes within the Institute of Management and Health.

Having started my journey within the engineering field, getting hands-on within a number of projects across many different industries including the automotive, and agricultural fields. Within these roles, I always had a passion for continuous improvement.

It was this passion that led me to the administrative and management field, which has seen me progress from an entry-level position through to project/programme management. Within this capacity I have successfully developed and implemented performance and efficiency projects that were utilised by the branch and employed company-wide, which achieved significant improvements.

  • Higher Education Academy (HEA)

I teach across a number of modules and have a number of academic interests with a particular focus on the following:

  • Problem-solving and Decision-Making
  • Digital Skills
  • Business Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management

I am currently undertaking my PhD ‘Toward Harmonious Business’, and the research covers a selection of diverse disciplines including quantum physics and business strategy with the aim of establishing new approaches towards a sustainable and regenerative society.