Christine Patricia Davies

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Dr Christine Patricia Davies PGCE, BSc, PhD, MI Biol, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Work-based Learning

Tel: +44 (0) 0267 676797

Leading on Professional Doctorate programme; contributing to other programmes associated with education and research in a work-place context

Christine started her career as a biology teacher, and education has continued to be her main focus, though she have also been involved in bio-medical research. She has taught in schools, FE, and HE, including the OU, and has also had involvement with teacher training, including a period as Programme Leader for the Teach First Programme at UWTSD. Christine has also significant experience of academic staff development, particularly in Technology-Enhanced Learning, and this was the focus of recent roles within JISC and as Senior Lecturer at the University of Glamorgan.

  • MIBiol
  • FHEA
  • Member of SEDA

Associate Lecturer with the Open University since 1995

  • Scientific and medical education
  • Adult learning
  • Role of technology in learning and teaching

Use of technology to enhance workplace learning

Approaches to development of academic and other staff, especially in the context of technology

  • technology for learning and teaching
  • Research methodology
  • biomedical science
  • basic natural /chemical sciences

CPDv Consultancy (2011- 2012): Consulting on research and training, mainly in aspects of Technology-Enhanced Learning. Roles included SEDA-funded research on technology within teacher training courses in Welsh HEIs; co-ordination of an OU curriculum development project for biomedical scientists in the NHS in Wales.

Christine is lso involved in web-based aspects of her husband’s small business.

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Recent HEA small grant for development of mobile resources for teacher training in science