David Gardner

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Mr David Gardner BSc, MSc

Senior Lecturer – Programme Manager – BSC Personal Training & BA Sport Health & Performance

Tel: +44 (0) 1267 676727
E-mail: d.gardner@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Programme Manager Sport Studies with Health and Exercise
  • Programme Manager Personal Training
  • Programme Manager Sport Therapy
  • FE/HE Coordinator
  • Community Health and fitness advisor
  • Liaison with Society of Sport Therapists
  • Liaison with Skills Active and Register for Exercise Professionals

My background is in exercise physiology and biomechanics of sport and I have provided technical support to athletes and teams up to and including international level. More recently my interests have concerned how exercise and nutrition can be used to improve health, prevent ill health and rehabilitate after illness.

My under-pinning ethos relates to the use of an interdisciplinary approach to managing health and recovery. Specifically, the use of multiple and varied environments to get people more active and so improve both physical and mental health. This supported by healthy diets and minimising risk of injury / illness provide the framework for the support I provide to individuals and communities.

This work is evolving to providing assessments and advisory services  within the wider West Wales community, including at health promotion events and sporting events.

Planned future research will evaluate a multidisciplinary approach to exercise referral compared to the more traditional gym based schemes.

I teach across a wide variety of programmes and subject areas both as a specialist in exercise physiology, biomechanics and nutrition, and as a generalist in evaluating the impact of public policy on health and promoting health lifestyles.

Programmes lectured on:

  1. BA Sport studies
  2. BSc Health and exercise
  3. BA Physical education
  4. BSc Personal training
  5. BSc Sport therapy
  6. BA Outdoor education
  7. BSc Exercise Referral
  8. MA Physical education
  9. MA Outdoor Education

Modules taught include:

  1. Human physiology
  2. Health and chronic disease
  3. Exercise physiology
  4. Promoting health lifestyles
  5. Exercise referral
  6. Complementary therapies
  7. Kinesiology
  8. Science of nutrition
  9. Nutrition for health
  10. Discovering outdoor lifestyles
  11. Public ploy and strategies in health
  12. Personal training
  13. Fitness assessment and measurement
  14. Research in health and PE
  • Dietary Behaviours in People with Rheumatoid Arthritis – MSc Dissertation.
  • Exercise Referral using green spaces,
  • An interdisciplinary approach to exercise referral .
  • Designing fitness training programmes for athletes and teams
  • Conducting fitness assessments
  • Conducting health assessments
  • Designing health related exercise and lifestyle programmes
  • Nutrition support
  • Vocation training related to health, fitness and therapy.
  • Organisation of health and sporting events
  • Exercise referral support
  • Community Health and Fitness Assessments
  • Sport event based fitness and health assessments
  • Sport event based sport therapy support
  • Health and fitness education support to staff and students at local schools and colleges
  • Sport specific fitness and training management for athletes and expeditions.
  • Liaison and technical support to local hospital departments relating to fitness and functional measurements