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Dr David Jenkins BA (Hons), MSc, MA, PhD


E-mail: d.jenkins1@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Banking and business background (1970 – 1996)
  • Lecturer in Further Education (1997 – 2002)
  • Lecturer in Higher Education (2002 – present day

Political Studies Association

  • Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods
  • Subjects at Newman University:
    • Finance and Enterprise
    • Managing Marketing
    • Sustainable Project Management
    • Management Accounting and Decision-Making
    • Research Methods
    • Global Economic and Financial Systems
    • Dissertation Research Project
  • Contemporary Issues in Global Business
  • Managing Financial Performance
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation supervision
  • Subjects at UCB:
    • Financial Management
    • Resources Management Economics
    • Strategic Management
    • Dissertation Research Project
    • Strategic Risk Management
    • Resources Management Strategic Financial Analysis
    • Revenue Performance Analysis
    • Research Methods
    • Dissertation Project Financial Management
    • Management Accounting
    • International Financial Management
    • Subjects in Further Education:
    • Marketing Environment
    • Marketing Communications
    • International Marketing
    • Management Information for Marketing Decisions
    • Managing in a Business Context
    • Managing Information
    • Business Taxation
    • Financial Accounting
    • Management Accounting Systems
    • Cash and Credit Transactions

Political economy, financial technology, economics of the European Union

Political economy, financial technology, economics of the European Union


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External Examiner for nine years in Business, Economics, and Accounting and Finance for the University of East Anglia and the University of Worcester