Dr David Morgans BA, MPhil, PhD, DipApp.SocSci (CQSW)

Philosophy Lecturer


Tel: +44 (0) 1570 424800
E-mail: d.morgans@tsd.uwtsd.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer, Director of Postgraduate Research, School of Cultural Studies

David Morgans completed his BA, M.Phil and PhD in Philosophy at University of Wales Lampeter. Before joining the Department of Philosophy at UWL, he was Principal Lecturer and Associate Dean (Research) in the School of Social Sciences, University of Wales, Newport.

He is also an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest and Monk

David has teaching interests in Modern European Philosophy, Cultural studies, Wittgenstein, and the interface between Analytic and Continental Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy with a special emphasis on Zen.

His research is in the relationship between subject, self-identity and consciousness and the influence (or not) of such theories on social issues. His present research focuses on a comparison between Western and Eastern Philosophy. He is working on the similarities between the use philosophical language in Dogen and Wittgenstein.

David has a number of current publications, the most recent being ‘Beyond Theory and Beyond Practice’ in Smith S.R. (ed) Applying Theory: Issues in Critical Reflection (2007)

He is at present preparing a book on A Study Of The Human Subject In The Theories Of Modernity And Post-Modernity.