Davina Wyn Evans

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Miss Davina Wyn Evans HND, BA (HONS), PGCE, MSc, IQA

  • Lecturer – Entrepreneurship and the Digital Workplace
  • Programme Manager – Undergraduate Business Portfolio (Swansea)

E-mail: davina-wyn.evans@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • I am a committed, innovative Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and the Digital Workplace. 
  • I am experienced in teaching on all levels from level 4 to level 6 of the Undergraduate Business Management Portfolio, for which I am also Programme Manager in Swansea
  • I lecture on the Level 7 Postgraduate Master of Business Administration. 
  • I am a Dissertation Supervisor on the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate programmes of study. 
  • I support students who wish to study part of their qualifications through the medium of Welsh.

I have 14 years of work experience within the education sector, ranging from teaching in Secondary Schools to Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Institutes.

In 2017, I also received the ‘Learner Award for Teacher of the Year’ from my previous employer following the nomination from my students.

I also have extensive experience of working within the Retail and the Motor Insurance Industries.

  • The Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

I have a very broad academic interest.

My teaching portfolio includes teaching areas such as:

Level 4

  • Organisations, Competition and the Business Environment
  • Employability and Professional Development
  • Management of Financial Information
  • Academic Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Contemporary Approaches to Management
  • Creative Events, Design & Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation

Level 5

  • Live Project
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Enterprise Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Applied Work Based Learning
  • Data Handling and Business Intelligence
  • Managing People
  • HR Professional
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • The Inter-Cultural Workplace

Level 6

  • Business Ethics
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership and Management Theory and Practice
  • Contemporary Themes in E-Business
  • Internship & Volunteerism
  • Organisational Consultancy
  • Dissertation Supervisor

Level 7

  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Dissertation Supervisor.

Previous studies have enabled me to investigate initiatives that positively impact on bilingualism within education, therefore strengthening my passion to support students who wish to study part of their qualifications through the medium of Welsh. 

I also have a desire to research the impact that digital transformation is having on the education sector.

I am an expert in a broad range of multi-disciplinary areas within my profession as a Lecturer, and I continue to develop my expertise in teaching and learning practices with particular interest in the use and impact that digital transformation is having on the student experience.

For over six years, I have frequently undertaken skills gap analyses for employees working within both the private and public sector, and developed, delivered, assessed and led the quality assurance of bespoke training programmes in Leadership and Management, Team Leading and Project Management, which resulted in individuals achieving a well-known accredited qualification.