Ms Donna Williams MA

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and Pastoral Counsellor for Art and Design Faculty.


Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000

donna williams

  • First Year Tutor in Graphic Design, specialising in Visual Studies and Typography. 
  • Pastoral Counsellor in Art and Design offering professional support for students.

Donna Williams is a graduate of the North East Wales Institute of Visual Communication. She has worked in top-end agencies on high profile clients in Birmingham UK and Sydney Australia. After several years as a senior designer and freelancer in Australia, Donna set up a private intensive training courses for Graphic Design students. This focused on integrating the needs of the industry with ‘fit for purpose’ training. On retuning to Wales, Donna has worked with the first year students specialising in Visual Studies and Typography.

BACP British Association of Counsellors and Pyschotherapists.

  • Donna mainly lecturers with the first year BA students in Visual Studies and Typography
  • Marketing, Self Promotion
  • Exhibition with the third year students. 

Currently finishing a qualitative IPA research Masters, which investigates how art lecturers ‘help’ their students with care and embedded counselling in the pedagogic process in the subject of Art and Design. This also focuses on the phenomenon of reflective art and how we bring our ‘self’ into the creative work. Working mindfully with social integrity in design outcomes.

A Graphic Designer today is fortunate to have the advantage of having transferable skills. Skills that can take a designer in different career directions. This is evident in my own career and in the careers of our graduates.  After twenty years as a Graphic Designer and now as an educator and counsellor.  I still hold a love for the traditional creative processes of sketching, letterpress, hand drawn type, mindful illustration and working with creative people. Our own teaching model offers up to date skills for contemporary design, but has not lost the importance that at the heart of all design is a creative person.

  • Various workshops in University settings on the Psychology of Art.
  • The Artist Within- How to work through creative blocks.
  • Art as Transformation – How ‘therapy as art’ helps us become more creative designers.
  • Mindful art and symbols.
  • Training counsellors in ‘The Art of suffering’ - creative workshops on working with trauma.
  • Phototherapy

Member of Applied Ethics in Education - Mindfulness in Education