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Professor Jill Venus BSc, PhD

  • Executive Programme Team Leader: International Partnerships
  • Research Programme Manager: London Campus
  • Principal Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0) 1570 424882
E-mail: j.venus@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Principal Lecturer
  • Executive Programme Team Leader: International Partnerships, Institute of Management & Health
  • Research Programme Manager: London Campus research programmes.

I have worked as an academic for most of my career. But during the 1980s also worked for a private training company and in community education for the Open University, both of these experienced broadened my understanding of education. 

I have worked for the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (and one of its precursors – University of Wales Lampeter) since 1988 in various capacities. Firstly, in Continuing Education in the delivery of development of postgraduate programmes in business management and Business Information Technology (BIT) for students from other academic backgrounds. Then within the Business Faculty in various roles.

Teaching has been in the areas of research skills and practice, personal management skills development and management, entrepreneurship, enterprise development, community engagement and leadership. As Faculty Director of Research my work was concerned with the development of the research activity across the Faculty: to inform teaching, impact on external business and community environments and enhance the research profile of the Faculty and the academics within it.

My various roles within the International Partnerships Office have given me an oversight of collaborative partnerships with External Educational providers who are delivering programmes on behalf of the University in the disciplines of the Institute. My role is to ensure the smooth servicing of these relationships, ensure academic quality and compliance with quality standards.

My research interests are listed in the next section.

Completed Research Students

  • Liben Xiao (2019) The Critical Evaluation of the Influence of Management Training on Ethical Decision Making Intentions among Managers in Chinese Motor vehicle Manufacturing Industry.
  • Huw Thomas (PhD) (2018) What are the Attractions of Wales? – a critical analysis of visitor attraction databases to determine the current number of visitor attractions open in Wales.
  • Margaret Tynan (PhD) (2017) How can entrepreneurship educators enhance undergraduate students’ opportunity recognition attributes, behaviours and skills in a higher education context?
  • Will Reeb (PhD) (2014) The cross-cultural efficacy of interactive infographics.
  • Vasilis Mitsios (PhD) (2014) E-marketing in the Greek tourism sector, 2006 – present
  • George Omoroguiwa (PhD) (2014) Barriers to small business success in Benin City, Nigeria, 2007 – present
  • Akkawan Sangkipan (PhD) (2013) Motivations and positionality of women small business owners in Thailand.
  • Natasha Ramkinsoon (PhD) (2012) Entrepreneurship Policy and Practice in Trinidad.
  • Xian Zhang (PhD) (2011) Governance in Chinese Family Businesses
  • Kwala al Mohammed (MPhil) (2002) Job Satisfaction amongst teachers in the UAE.
  • Dawn Pett (MPhil) (1999) Management in the elder-care sector.
  • Clare Fisher (PhD) (1998) An analysis of the craft sector in rural Wales.

My research & development interests are broadly based across a number of interlinking areas.

  • Small businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship policy and support
  • Developing and enhancing micro-enterprise activity
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Women and enterprise
  • Rural regeneration

These interests draw together a number of strands: analytical/evaluation experience, management skills development and application, practical training, community involvement and environmental/countryside background. In this respect, I appear to have a unique background which I believe provides an innovative perspective.

The following elements are important

  • The widest implications of the entrepreneurial process
  • Issues facing family businesses
  • The role of entrepreneurship in economic development
  • Rural women entrepreneurs
  • Women and management, career paths and support infra-structures.
  • Holistic and sustainable approaches to rural regeneration.
  • The application of the principles of sustainability, integration and participation at local level.
  • Project evaluation methodologies, especially in relation to small scale development projects.
  • The evaluation of community regeneration initiatives.
  • Approaches to rural development. The emergence and dynamics of community led sustainable initiatives.
  • Characteristics of the business sector in rural areas and the role of entrepreneurship.
  • Management Skills in the SME sector, especially micro-businesses.
  • Training needs and delivery in rural areas.
  • Social and economic impact of ICT in rural areas.

These interests have been realised through my involvement in a variety of commercial and research projects, research student supervision and other related activities.

I have been engaged in enterprise, commercial and consultancy activities for many years. This work links to my research and academic interests in a rural enterprise, third sector community engagement and social enterprise A list of more recent projects follows:

Co-creating Healthy Change (2014 – 2019)
Internal evaluation contract for Cardiff Third Sector Council of large 4 years 10 partner project that it developing co-creation activities across the voluntary sector, with a colleague within the School of Business and colleagues from School of Social Justice and Inclusion.

Rural Alliances (2011 – 2015)
An EU Interreg IVb (North West Europe Programme) project with 10 partners across 6 European countries. The project aims to build alliances between businesses and communities in rural areas in order to increase the vibrancy. We are working with Marburg University to provide underpinning research, developmental frameworks and monitoring and evaluation.

Current and Potential Value of the Heritage of Carmarthenshire (2013 - 2014)
Contract with West Wales European Centre to research potential economic development projects based on the Heritage of Rural Carmarthenshire.

Inspire (2012-2014)
Contract with Pembrokeshire County Council to provide entrepreneurship workshops, business consultancy and support, as well as develop a Best practice Guide. In collaboration with the consultancy.com to contribute the EU Interreg IVb Inspire project.

CISNET (2010 – 2013)
EU Interreg IVb (Atlantic Area) Project concerned with support and development of the Cultural Industries Sector. I am managing the information gathering/research phase of this project on behalf of partners in Eire, Spain, Portugal and France.

CIME (2011-2012)
Creativity and Innovation in Micro-Enterprises. EU Interreg IVb (Ireland Wales Programme) Project. Partners: Swansea Metropolitan University and Kilkenny Enterprise. The project was identified to represent the Ireland Wales Programme 2007 – 2013 as a flagship project for European Cooperation Day

ACTION (2010 – 2012)
EU Interreg IVb (Ireland Wales Programme)
A project with a partner in Eire concerned with facilitating the exchange of good practice within the Social Enterprise sector.

LAG-Connect- Transnational Mentoring Project for Local Action Groups (2010 – 2011)
Welsh Assembly Government (Wales Rural Network) funded project designed to develop the capacity of Rural Local Action Groups, in order to facilitate transnational actions. Also leading to the development of a tool-kit.

Social Entrepreneurship (2010 – 2011)
British Council funded partnership project between UWL and China Youth University of Political Science in Beijing. I am working with an academic from the partner University to develop an MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship. I will also teach this subject to students in Beijing at the Universities Summer School programme in July 2010. This has continued to the joint development of a ‘Know about Social Entrepreneurship’ programme that will be run by China Youth University of Political Science from July 2011. I contributed to the development and delivery of the first training programme in Beijing in the summer of 2011.

Winning Mid Wales (2006-2008)
Coordinating and leading the development of a Strategic Development Plan for Mid Wales. This work was undertaken in my role as Chief Officer of Mid Wales Partnership. The strategy was subsequently adopted by all partners in Mid Wales including Local Authorities, National Parks, Mid Wales Tourism, Universities, FE Colleges etc.

For Love or Money (2004-2008)
Arts Humanities Research Council funded project, in collaboration with Moira Vincentelli, Department of Art, University of Wales Aberystwyth. A research project (employing a post doctorial researcher) to investigate the motivations of women working in the ceramics sector in Wales.

Innovation Workshops - Trinidad (2005 and 2006)
Delivery of 3 x one-day Innovation workshops for NEDCO (National Entrepreneurship Development Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago. Around 100 participants in each workshop. Repeated in 2005 and 2006

Venus, J., and Bickerton, E. (2019) Facilitating Voice and Supporting Choices in Rural Areas, ESRS Conference, Trondheim, June 2019.

Tynan, M., Penaluna, A. and Venus, J. (2016) "Opportunities Lost: The Case of Opportunity Recognition Education", ISBE Conference, Paris, October 2016.

Jagger S, Venus J & Casiday R (2016). Using the Toledo Methodology, a study of challenges facing Maya Women Micro-Entrepreneurs (MWMEs) in indigenous rural entrepreneurship, farming and the natural environment of Southern Belize. 14th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference, Lincoln Business School, UK, 15 -1 7 June.

Jagger S, Venus J & Casiday R (2016). The Toledo Methodology for Micro, Rural & Indigenous Entrepreneurship Research; A Concept Paper. National Conference on Methodological Issues in Social Entrepreneurship Research, Mumbai India, January 28 – 30.

Tynan, M., Penaluna, A. and Venus, J. (2015) "Moving Beyond Design Thinking? Opportunities in Enterprise Education", ISBE Conference, Glasgow, November 2015.

Xiao, L., and Venus, J., (2014) Policy Scenarios Analysis and Implications for Chinese Automotive Industry in Terms of Vehicle Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Emission. The First International Conference on Modern Auto Technology and Services (MATS2014) Wuhan University of Technology October 2014

Ramkisson-Babwah N and Venus J (2012) An Entrepreneurship Education Model For Trinidad and Tobago. Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies. Vol 3, Issue 3, pp 307- 311.

Zhang X, Venus J and Wang Y (2012) Family ownership and business expansion of small- and medium-sized Chinese family businesses: The mediating role of financing preference. Journal of Family Business Strategy. Vol 3, Issue 2, pp 97-106.

McDermott E, Venus J and Vincentelli M (2007) The Role of Flow in the Motivation of Women Potters and Ceramic Artists in Wales. Paper published in the proceedings of Neocraft International conference (New Craft – Future Voices) at NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Asby J, Midmore P & Venus J (2007) Rural Wales: progress after development? Paper published in the proceedings of 3rd International Conference of Rural Development. Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Kaunas.

(2007) A Winning Mid Wales: An Economic Development Strategy for Mid Wales. Mid Wales Partnership.

Chief Officer / Co-ordinator (June 2002 – March 2008)
Mid Wales Development (Economic Development Forum for Mid Wales) Contributions to strategic planning in various areas of economic development in Mid Wales, rural Wales and Wales. (on partial secondment from University post)

All Wales Enterprise Action Group for Women
member (1996 – 2005)

EUROPS (Brussels) Special Group
Measures to support, the creation, consolidation and growth of businesses owned by women (1997-1998)

Brecon Beacons National Park
Secretary of State Appointed Member (1992 – 1997)

AEIDL (Brussels)
Working group – Evaluation of Community Development Initiatives (1994-1995)

Member of Wales Rural Forum
Council of Management (1990 – 1997) Executive Committee (1992 - 1997).