Dr Luke Morgan Roach profile

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Dr Luke Morgan Roach BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Criminology and Policing

E-mail: L.Roach@UWTSD.ac.uk

Prepare and deliver lectures, supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I have been a Criminology Student and Researcher at Cardiff University since 2009, completing an undergraduate joint honours degree in Criminology and Sociology, 2 Masters degrees in Criminology and Social Science Research Methods, and a PhD in Criminology. The focus of my posy graduate research has been based around the understanding and community policing of online hate speech. I have presented my research at international conferences (SSSI conference 2019 in New York) and been a part of the foundation and steering committee of two successful interdisciplinary conferences in Cardiff focussing on Digital and Computer Mediated research.

I have taught criminology modules of varying focuses, including policing, punishment, criminological theory and critical criminology, as well as modules on social theory, social science research methods and law.

My research degree’s have all focused on online hate speech, but have ranged from quantitative analysis of Islamophobia following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris (MSc), to in depth qualitative analysis of racism and homophobia on Twitter (MSc), to a detailed Computer-mediated Discourse Analysis of the linguistics of hate and counter-speech online (PhD).