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Dr Rhiannon  Sandy BA (Hons), MA, PhD


E-mail: r.sandy@uwtsd.ac.uk

Lecturer – Police Apprenticeship

Dissertation supervisor – Policing Practice Project

My background is in humanities, and I was awarded my doctorate by Swansea University in 2022. My research considered the development of apprenticeship indentures and the practice of apprenticeship in medieval England. It seems quite fitting that I’m now part of the team delivering the Police Apprenticeship.

Although my academic work to date has been related to history, I have also been employed in various security roles since 2009 and this has often brought me into close contact with the police. I have worked alongside the police to ensure safe running of concerts and sporting events, including several Swansea v Cardiff derbies. These experiences have given me an understanding of some of the challenges facing police today, although I still have much to learn.

Research is my passion, and I am now applying my training as a historian to help students build upon their knowledge and understanding of operational policing.

  • Operational Policing Practice
  • Academic writing
  • Operational Policing Practice