Gail Pearce-Taylor

Mrs Gail Pearce Taylor BA (Hons) Business Studies, AIEMA

Workforce Development Fellow

Administrator Safe Workforce: Sustainable Workplace


Tel: +44 (0) 1267 676815

Gail Pearce-Taylor

Gail joined the Safe Workforce : Sustainable Workplace project in Work Based Learning in 2013. As the Project Administrator Gail assists in the delivery of the programme through co-ordinating with participants and companies, and ensuring the requirements of the European Social Fund are met.

Gail has a BA in Business Studies and is an Institute of Environmental Management and Auditing (IEMA) Associate. She has spent several years working in environmental management, and has a particular interest in Sustainable Development.

  • Workforce Development fellow

Investigating opportunities, challenges and pathways for developing sustainability within work-based learning practices in a higher education environment.

  • Administrator - ‘Safe Workforce:Sustainable Workplace’ (SWSW)

SWSW is a European Social Funded Project aimed at up-skilling the workforce in the Convergence area of Wales.   My principal role is in admitting and enrolling the learners, and in providing a learning support role. I engage employers, and with learners in Induction days and teaching days.


Over 10 years of working to promote awareness of Sustainable Development and its application within business.  I worked within the education department at the National Museums and Galleries of Wales in their Education department. I also worked with local authorities in Waste Management, and the design and implementation of sustainable practices in response to European Directives.

Associate Member of Institute of Environmental Management and Auditing (AIEMA)

Education for Sustainability

Gail runs a small art business and produces art on a commission basis. Her work is held in private and Royal collections throughout the world. Gail enjoys growing vegetables, canoeing, surfing badly, and hillwalking with her young family.