Heike Griffiths TEFLCert, BA, PGCECertED, MA (July 2018)



Preparation, delivery and assessment of a number of modules

Giving tutorials, and pastoral care

Organising observational and teaching practice placements.

Representing the school in open days

Improving existing modules and quality assurance

I enjoy delivering a variety of modules in UWTSD, and using my skills gained from my PGCE and the experience I gained from teaching in many different environments, such as Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, colleges, Community Education classes, informal settings, and teaching on Skype

I’m a qualified tutor and trainer, with experience in lecturing and person-centred planning. I have eleven years’ experience of designing training and project managing interventions that are enjoyable, stimulating, and memorable with long-lasting positive consequences.

I worked in a progressive project developing support initiatives to enable disadvantaged young people to develop their skills, knowledge and independence, and providing advocacy and signposting to these individuals in order to remove barriers to participation in their life choices.

I am fluent in English and German.

Registered with WITS (Welsh Interpretation and Translation Service) for German/English interpretation

  • Placement modules, observational and teaching (Level 5 and 6)
  • Understanding Additional Needs (Level 4)
  • Key Concepts of Social Policy (Level4)
  • Contemporary Issues – Old Age (Level 6)
  • The Teaching and Methodology of TEFL (Level 4)
  • Teaching English Grammar (Level 5)
  • Classroom Essentials TEFL (Level 6)
  • Business Communication (Level 6)
  • Discourse Analysis (Level 6)
  • Inclusive Education Policy and Practise (Level 6)
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing for Children and Young People (level 5)
  • Global Perspectives in Education (Level 6)
  • Academic Study Skills (Level 4)
  • Contemporary Issues in Social Studies (5)
  • The Diversity of Language and Communication (Level 6)
  • UNHRC Rights of the Child (ongoing)
  • ESOL classes in Wales, improving content and context for maximising potential for inclusion (ongoing)
  • Immigration from a feminist perspective
  • Discrimination of non-native English speakers in the UK
  • Inclusion
  • Person-Centred Practice
  • Design, development and delivery of accredited personal development, IT and life skills training programmes, with a particular focus on mentoring and independent living skills.
  • Supporting the personal development of disadvantaged young people and people they know
  • Developing models of good practice for person-centred thinking in schools and colleges
  • Placement coordination, with a focus on person centred placement planning and development of good practice, minimising risks and maximising ethical considerations.
  • Providing person-centred support for people on the autistic spectrum.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Study Skills for both native English speakers and International students
  • Presenting at regional and national project promotion meetings, and general project promotion, e.g writing articles for the newsletter and press releases
  • Attending training & research steering group meetings for Learning Disabilities Wales, providing feedback and analysis, and along providing project strategy advice to Cardiff University
  • Speaker in two regional conferences regarding Entry Level qualifications, with influence on national training providers