Dr Helen Lewis BSC (Hons), PGCE, MA, Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy, PhD  

Senior Lecturer: Close to Practice Research

Primary PGCE Programme Lead


Tel: +44 (0) 1792482034
E-mail: h.e.lewis@uwtsd.ac.uk

Helen Lewis

I am responsible for developing close to practice research within the Athrofa. I have responsibility to oversee the running of the Primary PGCE programme; monitoring the student learning experience and the quality assurance of the programme. I prepare and develop programme documentation, supervise and support students, coordinate the programme team and teach across modules.

I have worked at UWTSD since 2006. I have held posts as a Senior Lecturer on the BA (Ed) with QTS and Primary PGCE courses; Acting Director of the MA Ed/ MA Education with QTS course and as the Programme Lead for the BA Primary Education Studies course. 

My previous employment was as Primary Numeracy Consultant with the Education School Improvement Service (ESIS).  My main role was to raise standards of achievement within mathematics. This involved responding to school requests for support; developing and delivering INSET/ curriculum guidance; providing exemplar lessons across early years, primary and KS3; and working with schools and the Local Authorities to develop policies and strategies.  I was involved in providing support for teachers undergoing competency procedures. I also worked with Numeracy Consultants in England, developing materials for CPD in line with the National Numeracy Strategy. 

Prior to this I was a senior teacher in a large inner city primary school in Lewisham, London. 

I have also held Visiting Lecturer roles at the Institute of Education, London (Primary PGCE), and Bridgend College (Certificate in HE: Early Years) and have been an Honorary Tutor at Cardiff University (Masters in Educational Practice).


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Post Graduate Certificate Education (Primary),
  • MA Education
  • PhD 
  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy
  • Senior Fellow: Higher Education Academy
  • Scholar Member: Animals and Society Institute
  • Professional Affiliate: Chartered College of Teachers
  • Member: British Educational Research Association
  • Member International Professional Development Association

My main teaching responsibilities and interests are in relation to thinking skills, problem-based learning, mathematics/ numeracy, pedagogy and the Foundation Phase. 

I am particularly interested in metacognition, reflective practice, teacher pedagogy and innovative approaches in the early years. This includes the growing field of human animal interaction.

I teach on modules across the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes, and supervise MA and PhD students.

I completed my doctoral thesis based upon an exploration of young children’s thinking skills and the nature of reflective practice in teachers.

I am particularly interested in metacognition, and in how teachers can develop and reflect on their practice in a variety of ways in order to support children’s progress.

I am involved in a funded project exploring the impact of reading dogs in the classroom, with particular focus on children and handlers’ wellbeing and attitudes to learning.

Study visits:

Reggio Emilia Institute and preschools, Stockholm, Sweden;

Project Zero, ‘The Project Zero Classroom’ Harvard University, Cambridge MA and ‘Cultures of Thinking’ International School of Amsterdam/ Harvard University.

I am currently working with WISERD (Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods) on a funded project ‘Successful Futures for All’

My main expertise lies in the principles, pedagogies and close to practice research methods relating to the development of children’s thinking skills, in early years teaching, in primary mathematics teaching and animal assisted interventions.  

I have delivered a wide range of consultancies and INSET sessions on mathematics, thinking skills, outstanding teaching and early childhood education.

  • Estyn: Additional Team Inspector
  • WG External Mentor: Masters in Educational Practice
  • WG External Assessor/ Briefer: Higher Level Teaching Assistant status
  • External Examiner: Edge Hill University
  • Lead Mentor: Chartered College of Teachers

Accredited trainer for a number of thinking skills programmes eg Cognitive Acceleration in Mathematics Education (CAME), Let’s Think, Parent 2 Parent Training and Thinking Maps.

Thinking Schools International trainer and accreditor.

I have also delivered training for Children In Wales, The Learning Partnership Wales and Osiris Education.

Gold Standard achieved for use of the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale.

Currently completing an Animal Assisted Therapies diploma course (certified by IAHT).

Peer reviewer: Universal Journal of Educational Research

Associate Tutor: Leeds Beckett University


Grigg, R., Lewis, H. Learning and Teaching Thinking Skills in Schools London: SAGE (in preparation for publication in 2018)

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Academic articles:

Grigg, R., Lewis, H., Cox, T. Assisted Reflective Conclusions (ARC) – moving beyond reflective practice in teacher education (in preparation) 

Lewis, H. (2018) Video–stimulated reflective dialogue - a useful tool for re-examining and reflecting on practice. CollectivED (2) in press 

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Book Reviews: 

Lewis, H. (2017) Review of Video Enhanced Reflective Practice: Professional Development through Attuned Interaction Edited by Kennedy,H., Landor,M., Todd,L. Wales Journal of Education vol 18.3

Professional Publications:  

Lewis, H. (2018) Canines in the Primary Classroom Teach Primary (in press)

Lewis, H., Yamamoto, E., Jones, L. That’s the way to do it: historical enquiry in the early years using the seaside as a theme Primary History (in preparation)

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Research Reports

Cooze, A., Lewis, H. (2018) How can attainment ladders support the feedback process for both teachers and pupils in a secondary school setting? Report produced for ERW regional consortia

Lewis, H., Parker, G. (2017) What feedback strategies can benefit both teachers and pupils in a primary school context? Report produced for ERW regional consortia 

Lewis, H., Brooks, S., Thomas, D. (2017) How can technology support verbal feedback, and impact on both teachers’ workload and pupils’ learning in a 3-16 school? Report produced for ERW regional consortia

Other Publications

Lewis, H. (2017) An exploration into young children’s thinking in the Foundation Phase in Wales unpublished PhD thesis

Lewis, H. (2017) Tales with Tails: promoting reading - with a little help from our canine friends paper published on OU Reading for Pleasure website accessed at https://researchrichpedagogies.org/research/example/tales-with-tails-promoting-reading-with-help-from-our-canine-friends 

Lewis, H. (2017) Taking the Lead Published on Thinking Schools International website http://www.thinkingschoolsinternational.com/taking-the-lead-how-dogs-can-support-positive-dispositions-for-learning/ 

Lewis, H. (2017) More than man’s best friend Blog on Athrofa website: http://athrofa.cymru/2017/12/18/much-more-than-mans-best-friend/

Conference presentations include:

Lewis, H. Lights+camera= better interaction: how video stimulated reflection and dialogue can support teachers in the teaching of thinking abstract accepted ICOT 2018 

Lewis,H. Dogs and dispositions: how animal assisted intervention can improve children’s views of themselves as learners abstract accepted ICOT 2018

Chapman, S., Conn, C., Davies, O., Kneen, J., Lewis, H., Newton, N., Successful Futures for All: Explorations of Curriculum Reform Symposium submitted to WISERD 2018 Annual Conference – “Addressing inequalities and injustices” 2018 University of South Wales 

Lewis, H., Nicholas, O., Jones, C. Canines in the classroom: can reading to dogs support the development of confident and capable learners? Paper submitted to A Child’s World – New shoes, New direction, International Conference 2018

Hughes, S.V., Dwyer, R., Roffey, J., Lewis, H. Mindfulness in the Primary Classroom Paper submitted to A Child’s World – New shoes, New direction, International Conference 2018

Lewis, H., Williams, J., Hawkins, R. The Pet Effect (working title) Symposium in preparation for submission to EECERA, 2018

Lewis, H., Waters, J. (2017) Record, re-examine and reflect: how dialogue based on video reflection can support teachers’ professional learning. Paper presented at the International Professional Development Association conference, Cardiff

Lewis, H. (2017) Going to the dogs? Why bringing dogs into schools can improve children’s motivation and learning. Paper accepted for presentation at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 

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Lewis, H., Grigg, R. ‘As teacher educators how can we promote trainee teachers’ genuine reflection-in action? A PIT stop approach’ Paper presented at Association for Teacher Education Europe (ATEE) Conference 2016 ‘Educating the Best Teachers: a Challenge for Teacher Education’, Eindhoven: Netherlands August 2016

Grigg, R., Lewis, H'How can Problem-based Learning promote the development of knowledge, skills and dispositions to learn in trainee teachers?'   Paper presented at ATEE Eindhoven: Netherlands August 2016

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(Presenting as) Ayles, H.The National Numeracy Project in Action.’ DFEE Numeracy Taskforce Consultation Conference, London 1998 Presentation

Research grants awarded include:

2017 ERW funded research An exploration into effective and efficient assessment strategies in primary and secondary classrooms Lead researcher

2009 WERN Collaborative Fellowship Award  ‘Developing Metacognitively rich pedagogy’ with Professor Carol McGuinness, Queen’s University Belfast 

2008 -09 Welsh Education Research Network Group Bursary (category 2) An exploration of children’s thinking skills in the Foundation Phase in Wales. Lead researcher. 

2008 Welsh Education Research Network Group Bursary ‘An investigation of the affordances of ICT for the development of effective pedagogy in mathematics and science classrooms.’ Research team member 

2008 Becta funded project ‘Improving pedagogy with ICT, by using technology to support practitioners’ professional development.’ Research team member

2002 –2003 Network Manager ‘Let’s Think in Key Stage 1’ awarded General Teaching Council Wales network grant (£11,000

2003 –2004 Network manager ‘Developing P-CAME materials in Key Stage 2’ Awarded GTCW grant (£11,000)  

2003 –2004 Network Manager ‘Numicon in Early Years and KS1’ Awarded GTCW grant (£5,000)