Henry Charles Lutman

Mr Henry Lutman MA(RCA)

Research Fellow


Tel: +44 (0) 1633 277060
E-mail: Henry.lutman@btinternet.com

Programme Director of the MA in 3D Computer Animation

3D Computer Animation. Animation Production Methods,  Pre-Production, Production Management, Post Production.

Emergent Behaviour from Ant Foraging Algorithms.

Online interactive teaching resources.

Animation production and all aspects of 3D computer animation including programming and online interactive teaching resources.

I first worked for BBC Bristol in 1976 as a director/animator for the original series of “Animated Conversations” along side animators like Bill Mather, Derek Hayes, David Spoxton & Peter Lord (now known as Aardman).   I founded the animation department at the University of Wales Newport and later became Director of Studies of Film & Television there, which also was highly renowned for documentary film production.

In the mid eighties developed the very first microprocessor based “motion control system” which was installed at various Soho Camera Facilities, Tyne Tees TV, Cairo TV, TV Algiers and Pinewood Studios where it assisted in the production of the “Superman” features and others.

My Computer Animation career began as head of 3D at Moving Picture Company, and then as head of 3D at Stylus TV in Cardiff. I then formed my own company along with colleagues Sue land and Suzette Janczykowski, the Bristol based graphics facility “Ricochet 4”.   I have produced sequences for all the major UK and USA broadcasters including the design and animation of “Henry the Lizard” for the 52 programme series “Amazing Animals” for Dorling Kindersley and Disney Channel.   I joined the BBC in October 2000 and specialised, amongst other things, in animal animation for natural history programmes.

In 2004 following the closure of BBC Bristol Graphics I became a freelance animator and work mainly for the leading Graphics Facilities in Bristol.  In 2008 I became a part time research fellow at Swansea Metropolitan University.