Jayne Morgan smiles towards the camera.

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Jayne Morgan BSc (Hons), PGCE, MA, HE Fellow


Tel: 01792 482018
E-mail: jayne.morgan@uwtsd.ac.uk

I am Programme Manager for the PGCE_P programme; a role I thoroughly enjoy. I am part of the Department’s Strategic Leadership Team. I lecture on both Initial Teacher Training programmes (BA with QTS and PGCE). My main role as a Lecturer is to work with students on the Languages, Literacy and Communication aspects of the curriculum, but I love working on Primary Education in general. Consequently, I am Module Lead for ECAD6008_P PGCE module which covers the “what” and “how” of primary education. I am also an Admissions Tutor for the PGCE_P. I supervise MA dissertations. I am also part of the Camau Project team.

I graduated from the University of London with a degree in psychology and a fascination for how children think and learn. After completing my PGCE at Trinity College, Carmarthen, I began my career in a little village school in Powys. Since then, I have taught in Wales, England, Saudi Arabia and Oman. I have taught the entire primary age range and I have held several posts of responsibility and leadership.

I obtained an MA in Education from the University of Leicester, and the focus of my dissertation was curriculum development.

More recently, I worked on an education reform project in Qatar as an English Advisor. I then became the Head Teacher of a large 4–14 international school in Doha. I eventually left the school to join another education reform project in Abu Dhabi where I was a Senior Management Advisor and then a Lead Trainer. This work was extremely interesting because it involved working with educators from all over the world and implementing many strategies that were at the forefront of educational thinking.

On returning to Wales, I joined the University of South Wales ITE Department where I worked until I joined UWTSD.

I am still fascinated by how children learn, and love being in classrooms. I have always enjoyed using stories as a stimulus for learning, so this is an area I am always eager to be involved in. As a Welsh speaker and someone who has observed English and Arabic taught simultaneously, bilingual education is also a subject close to my heart.

  • United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA)
  • Oracy
  • Primary Languages, Literacy and Communication
  • Primary Education generally

I am currently working towards my PhD, the focus if which is pedagogical strategies that help improve children’s oracy skills.

My principal expertise is in how children develop language and literacy skills and how teachers can facilitate this development. However, my extensive overseas experience has given me a great knowledge of educational development programmes and international education.

I worked as a consultant for an organization in Muscat, Oman. I spent four months advising and setting up a new international primary school.