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Dr Jenny Read-Heimerdinger BA, MA, PhD, LicDD

Postgraduate Supervisor

Tel: +44 (0) 1570424927
E-mail: j.read-heimerdinger@tsd.ac.uk

Supervising postgraduates (MA, MPhil, PhD) to completion of their thesis

Having initially trained as a linguist working with modern languages, which I taught in secondary and tertiary institutions, I transferred my skills to classical languages, ultimately focusing on Hellenistic Greek and the approach of discourse analysis. From 1990, I have undertaken work related to these subjects in faculties of theology/religious studies, both in the UK (London School of Theology 1989-1990, Bangor University 1999-2010, University of Wales Trinity Saint David since 2010) and in other countries as a visiting lecturer (St Petersburg 2006; Barcelona 2008, 2009; Hong Kong 2008; Lausanne, 2009-2011, Aix-en-Provence 2011).

Since 1995, I have also taught Hellenistic Greek regularly at summer schools organised by educational institutions in France (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique; Université d’Aix-en-Provence; Institut Catholique de Toulouse) and have been running a distance learning course in New Testament textual criticism in Toulouse since 2006. This work has generally involved devising courses, delivering and examining them to BA and MA levels, as well as supervising dissertations.

My university work also includes the examination of research theses, both internally and externally; and the delivery of occasional postgraduate research seminars.

Alongside my teaching, I have been involved in research activities since 1985, particularly in the field of New Testament Greek manuscripts. I am a member of an international editorial team in France, and of a partnership in Spain. My research has resulted in an extensive list of publications, in English, French and Catalan.

My academic engagements have been part-time throughout my career, while being the principal carer of a child with learning difficulties.

  • Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas
  • Society of Biblical Literature (convenor of workshop on Discourse Analysis)
  • Associació Bíblica de Catalunya

My interests are shared between Hellenistic Greek, New Testament textual criticism, the writings of Luke, discourse analysis (linguistics), and 1st century Judaism.

Within these broad areas, I teach or have taught courses on New Testament Greek; discourse analysis; Hebrew language (beginners); the Synoptic Gospels; the Early Church; first century Judaism; New Testament textual criticism; the Acts of the Apostles.

I am the Director of Studies for research students in various aspects of the above fields, in addition to supervising PhD candidates in related biblical or theological domains during their writing up periods.

My principal research interests are associated with a unique and early manuscript of the Gospels and Acts, Codex Bezae. Within this manuscript, I have paid special attention to the writings of Luke, and have arrived at the firm conclusion that the text in Codex Bezae predates that of the usual edition of the Greek New Testament.

I apply the tools of discourse analysis to my study of the text, and have published a monograph on the application of discourse analysis to textual criticism. I combine a linguistic approach with a close examination of the social and cultural context of first century Judaism.

It is this combination of approaches that leads me to challenge the traditional disregard for Codex Bezae. Since 1995, my work on the manuscript has been carried out in collaboration with the Catalan scholar Josep Rius-Camps, who approaches the subject from yet a third, theological angle.

I have presented papers on a range of topics relating to the above subject at international conferences and specialist workshops since 1985. Most of these have subsequently been published in peer-reviewed journals or collections of articles.

Alongside this activity, I have published in collaboration with Josep Rius-Camps a 4-volume series comparing the text of Acts in the main textual traditions. This was followed by a Catalan translation of Luke’s writings according to Codex Bezae, which won the City of Barcelona prize for the best translation into Catalan in 2009. We have since brought out an English edition of the work.

Our newest enterprise has been to produce a new synopsis of the three synoptic Gospels, placing the text of two divergent manuscripts alongside each other, which is being published as an innovative tool for New Testament studies.

In line with the growing significance accorded to discourse analysis as a formal grammatical system, I have been pleased to be invited to introduce the approach to students and scholars working in diverse fields of NT studies, through workshops or occasional lectures.

  • New Testament textual criticism, with particular reference to the text of Luke-Acts; the so-called ‘Western’ text of the Gospels and Acts; Codex Bezae.
  • Hellenistic Greek, especially as found in the New Testament.
  • Discourse Analysis, as a formal linguistic method and especially as applied to New Testament Greek.
  • I have collaborated in the editing of several collections of conference papers where my role has been to ensure the accuracy of the language of contributions written in English.
  • Through my international involvement, I undertake translation work, from and to French and Catalan, both orally for conferences and in writing for publication.
  • I frequently teach English as a Foreign Language, including for academic purposes.
  • I have organised classes in New Testament Greek for groups of lay and ordained members of churches.
  • I have been invited, and actively seek opportunities, to give talks to church groups or history societies on such topics as the manuscripts of the New Testament; first century Judaism; the reliability of translations; the formation of the canon, e.g. with reference to ‘excluded’ gospels such as the Gospel of Judas.


2014 A Gospel Synopsis of the Greek Text of Matthew, Mark and Luke. A Comparison of Codex Bezae and Codex Vaticanus (ed. with J. Rius-Camps; NTTSD 45; Leiden: Brill).

2013 Luke’s Demonstration to Theophilus: The Gospel and Acts of the Apostles according to Codex Bezae (ed. with J. Rius-Camps; English expanded edn; London: Bloomsbury)

2009 Lluc. Demostració a Teòfil: Evangeli i Fets dels Apòstols segons el Còdex Beza (with J. Rius-Camps; Barcelona: Edicions Fragmenta).

The Message of the Bezan Text of Acts: A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition: Vol. 4: Acts 18.24–28.31: Rome (with J. Rius-Camps; LNTS 415; T&T Clark).

2007 Ibid., Vol. 3: Acts 13.1–18.23: The Ends of the Earth (with J. Rius-Camps; LNTS 365; T&T Clark).

2006 Ibid.,Vol. 2: Acts 6.1–12.25: From Judaea to the Church in Antioch (with J. Rius-Camps; LNTS 302; T&T Clark).

2004 Ibid.,Vol. 1: Acts 1.1–5.42: Jerusalem  (with J. Rius-Camps; JSNTSup. 257; T&T Clark).

Articles and Reviews

2013 ‘Le Codex de Bèze: un texte pré-canonique du Nouveau Testament’, in A.-L. Zwilling (ed.), Lire et Interpréter (Geneva: Labor et Fides).

2012 ‘“Qu’y a-t-il dans un nom?’ (Roméo et Juliette, II, ii). L’importance du nom du village dans Lc 24,13-35’, in Y. Bourquin et al. (eds), Écritures et Réécritures (Leuven: Peeters).

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— Translation from Catalan and French: A. Puig i Tarrech, An Uncommon Journey (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck).

2008 ‘Jacob’s Ladder and the Revelation of Jesus in Lk. 24.13-35’, Bulletin of the Bibliotheca Biblica,St Petersburg (Russia).

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— ‘The Tracking of Participants with the Third Person Pronoun: A Study of the Text of Acts’, Revista Catalana de Teologia 31, pp. 439–55.          

2005 (with J. Rius-Camps) ‘After the Death of Judas: A Reconsideration of the Status of the Twelve Apostles’, 29, pp. 305–34. Revista Catalana de Teología.

2004 ‘Variation in the Use of Prepositions between Codex Bezae and the Alexandrian Uncials’, in C.-B. Amphoux and J.K. Elliott (eds), The New Testament Text in Early Christianity (Lausanne: Editions du Zèbre), pp. 275–87.


  • 1987-88 - Tyndale House Research Scholarship, Cambridge University; awarded for PhD research.
  • 2005, 2007 - Small Research Grants, British Academy; awarded for writing projects.
  • 2008- Scholarship in honour of Revd Dr Murray McGregor, St Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden.

Research status

  • Since 2006 - Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bangor.
  • 2007 - Visiting Research scholar, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies Library.


  • 2009 - The City of Barcelona prize for the best translation into Catalan, awarded for Lluc. Demostració a Teòfil: Evangeli i Fets dels Apòstols segons el Còdex Beza (co-authored with J. Rius-Camps)