john rees

Prof Stephen John Rees BSc(Eng) Hons, PhD, CEng, FIET, FHEA, ACGI

Senior Lecturer in Applied Computing

Tel: (01792) 481000

I teach across a range of levels and disciplines in the School of Applied Computing.  I am an experienced research supervisor and examiner, and an active researcher and participant in external activities in support of businesses and the skills agenda.

My first degree was in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College and my PhD in Image Processing from the University of Glamorgan.

I have worked for five universities, University of Glamorgan, originally the Polytechnic of Wales (1988 – 2000), Staffordshire University (2000 – 2005), Southampton Solent University (2005 – 2012), DSCIS (2013 – 2014), and UWTSD (2014 – present), and for ten years held Professorial title (Professor of Computing Enterprise at Staffordshire, Professor of Business Technology at Solent)

  • CEng – Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council
  • FIET - Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • FHEA – Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Computer Networking and Distributed Systems
  • Knowledge Management and Strategy
  • Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Computing, Data Centre Technology, and Big Data
  • Research Methods and Management
  • Business Technology
  • Lean Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • AI, Image Processing and Visualisation

My research interests include:  computer networks and mobile technology, with a particular research focus on the placement of information in information systems; business technology, and the application of networked and mobile-enabled information systems to support business change;  knowledge management, in terms of its applications to higher education and the broader arena of business improvement techniques; image processing and machine vision; and technology pedagogy, with emphasis on the development of mobile and to-the-desktop learning in support of educational effectiveness.

I have supervised 12 successful PhD students and 3 MPhil candidates, and served as external examiner for 13 PhD examinations and 2 MPhil examinations.

I led research as a discipline at Southampton Solent University for six years (2006 – 1012) and research and enterprise for the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology at Staffordshire for four years (2002 – 2005).  During this period I designed and delivered more than £4M of externally funded project work, with a further £1M in funded project for skills development for industry.  These included PICTS (£722k, LSC), WM Unplugged (Innovative Actions, £100k), TRY3G (AWM, £290k), Mobile Technology for Business (AWM, £184k) and West Midlands Mobile and Wireless (£2.54M).

My work has focused on research administration, lecturer development in research and enterprise, and PGR study skills, as well as personal research.  I redeveloped Solent’s Postgraduate Research Supervisors Training course (PgRST), and designed and delivered a Research Leadership training programme aimed at expanding leadership capacity (2008).  The PgRST course was commended as an area of good practice in Solent’s 2009 QAA Institutional Audit report.

I served on Solent’s Research and Enterprise Committee for six years, and Staffordshire’s for three.  I chaired Solent’s University Research Degrees Committee (six years) and was an external member of Nottingham Trent University’s Research Committee.  I was a member of the Modern Universities Research Group (MURG, now RENU) Executive Committee for six years, and chaired the organisation in 2010 – 11.

My recent research has focused on information placement in information systems, initially working on optimisation of information and processing location with mobile systems in relation to ubiquity, and most recently on cloud and data centre technology, and the impact of system design on managing huge datasets.

I have long-standing interests in knowledge management (identification of value in knowledge-based businesses, application of knowledge management and lean methods in HE) and in innovation in HE pedagogy and course design.

I have recent practical experience in the development of mobile applications, and the application of lean management and knowledge management techniques to the improvement of service industry organisation and work practices.

Project work with business in software development, AI and machine vision

HE management, organisational development, change management.

Mentoring and professional development.

Development of mobile applications, education and training programmes, and educational software for universities, NHS Trusts and private training providers.  Course and training development included work across the range of levels from a BTEC Apprenticeship in Business Administration (levels 2&3) through to Master’s degree units in cloud computing, data centre design, research skills, and lean management.  (Various projects ranging from £9000 to £77000, Sept 2012 – Dec 2013)

Leadership Foundation Task Orientated Multifunctional Teams project (Leadership Foundation, £30,000, Sept 2007) – investigation of the use and effectiveness of multifunctional teams in HE

SPEED (HEIF3 collaborative project, £160K, 2006 - 08) – Southampton Solent University was a delivery partner in the twelve institution project focused on student enterprise

WMMW West Midlands Mobile and Wireless (AWM, £2.54M, March 2005, Staffordshire as lead partner, with Coventry, UCE, Warwick and Wolverhampton) ) - demonstrate the viability of accelerating an infant technology industry into a key regional sub-cluster by the use of a raft of supply and demand side interventions; training for small and medium enterprise managers on mobile technology and its associated business opportunities; instigated and managed a partnership of five regional universities (with Staffordshire as lead partner) in the creation of the project

Development of a Healthcare Related Mobile Information Service (Knowledge Transfer Partnership with A J Business Solutions Ltd, Dec 2004, £80K)

PICTS Progressive ICT Skills (Learning and Skills Council ESF Objective 2 round 2 funding, £722K, Nov 2004, Staffordshire as lead partner, with Aston, Newman College, UCE, Warwick and Wolverhampton) –  skills upgrading; funded delivery of Masters level part time awards for employees of ICT small and medium enterprises in Objective 2 categorised wards

WM Unplugged (Innovative Actions Fund, £100K, Nov 2004, with Coventry University) – creation of an extended “hot spot” large scale WiFi applications demonstrator located in Stratford upon Avon town centre, business upskilling in location based services

EPSRC Collaborative Training Account (EPSRC, £250K, Aug 2004)

TRY3G Mobile Software Development Facility (AWM Innovation Funding, £290K, March 2003) – creation of a mobile applications development centre with live access to the O2 national mobile communications network

MTB Mobile Technology for Business (AWM Skills Development Fund, £184K, Nov 2001) – management updating and consultant skills development in mobile technology applications and software development

ECSEC:  The Expert Centre for the Support of Electronic Commerce (AWM Skills Development Fund, £380K, Sept 2000) – supply side skills updating in e-business for small business managers

Development of Application Service Provider Technology (Teaching Company Scheme with Mertec Computers PLC, awarded July 2000, £70K)

Design and implementation of an Intranet and Internet based document image processing system (Teaching Company Scheme with Mertec Computers PLC, 1997-99, £65K)

Quality and Customer Information Systems (Teaching Company Scheme with Winslow PLC, 1995-97, £65K)

Research Publications:

A Aneiba, S J Rees, “Mobile Agents Technology and Mobility”, PgNET 2004, Liverpool, July 2004

A Aneiba, S J Rees, “Wireless Information Management in Mobile Communication Systems using Mobile Agents”, PREP2005, Lancaster, 30 March - 1 April, 2005

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ECSEC and MTB Authored Materials (Self-learning Materials for West Midlands Business):

S J Rees, Business Communications (open learning materials in electronic book form), ECSEC, March 2001 (CDROM based)

S J Rees, Mobile Communications and Computing (open learning materials in electronic book form), MTB, April 2002 (CDROM based)

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Short Course and Other Materials:

Project Management (Archway Consultants, 1997)

Product Management (Archway Consultants, 1998)

Project Management using Microsoft Project and Office suite (Archway Consultants, 1998)

Office Networking (Archway Consultants, 1998)

Reliability and Risk in Software Management (Archway Consultants, 1997)

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Business Administration Apprenticeship (Levels 2 & 3) (GLAS Business Solutions, 2013)

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