Jonathan Williams

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Mr Jonathan Williams BA (Hons), PGCE, MA


Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000

  • Delivery and assessment of core and specialist modules 

  • Research and symposium presentations 

  • Year group tutor 

  • Coordinating European exchange programmes 

  • Organising overseas and national study trips 

  • Planning of curriculum 

  • Setting up of exhibitions 

  • Planning and co-ordinating ‘Live’ project briefs 

  • Marketing of courses 

  • Liaison with external industry contacts

My knowledge base is founded upon strong academic experience and artistic practice, I was producing drawings and paintings over 30 years ago before ever knowing the meaning of reportage, drawing down a working mine or on a tug boat pulling an iron ore tanker into Port Talbot docks, documenting the decline of heavy industry in South Wales, responding to the environment is just what I did. Only now when I look back at these drawings do I appreciate the importance of what I was doing. Observation and reflection of your surroundings is I believe at the core of being a visual artist.

I have since gone on producing work reflecting life in Europe, South America and Asia. Artwork I complete on location from life and no photographic reference material is never used, the immediacy of the moment and response is of central importance to me. The aim is always to be aware of life as it is happening, experiencing the moment, embracing the fluidity and flux. To create without preconceptions, to recognise and accept the mundane as these also have merit. To attempt to recognise and appreciate the random underlay which is the texture of life and not be blinded by familiarity. We should value these subtle and unpretentious moments and aim to experience the whole, embrace all without restriction and consider them in their uniqueness and acknowledge their virtues.

Member of the Association of Illustrators, member of, reportage professional illustrators.

I would say that my emphasis has always been on high quality observational practice which can then be used as a platform for creative development. My scope of knowledge from figurative drawing, 3D work, photography, digital and moving image animations can afford the student cohort a level of expertise in whatever area they wish to pursue.

Alongside my teaching duties and commitments, I still produce illustrations for Design Agencies, I spent 6 months in Barcelona working in publishing. I have had my work published in over 30 books in the UK and Europe in four different languages, plus a wide range of other editorial, reportage, visualisation, sequential and advertising work. I often share these with students to embellish presentations and discussions where relevant.

I designed and produced the Captain Scott memorial sculpture situated in Cardiff bay that was opened by the HRH Princess Royal in 2003 and have been involved with other site specific work. I was highly commended at the Welsh Artist of the year ceremony in 2013. I was Artist in residence at Cardiff Blues Rugby club 2015- 2017,
had work exhibited Welsh National Eisteddfordd , Readers digest competition finalist, Smiths gallery Covent garden, I have had my work exhibited in a number of galleries and  had a successful solo photographic and drawing exhibitions, my work has been exhibited in the UK, Europe and Asia. Moleskine sketchbooks award for professional reportage illustration 2015.I am a Member of the Association of Illustrators, CBAT Arts regeneration Agency and a member of the ‘Reportager’ illustration collective. I represent the University at events in London, Manchester, Norway and Spain, always willing to promote courses and interact with the public.

The diversity of my experience in a myriad of creative disciplines I believe affords me a beneficial position of relating to wide ranging creative forms. My passion is Art, in particular drawing, but also many other aspects from sculptural to digital work, I have a broad portfolio and I see myself as a creative all-rounder, interested and involved with many artistic areas.

My approach to teaching is to infuse the students with enthusiasm, to excite their imagination and to pass on my love of the subject

A wide range of publications, editorial work and group and solo exhibitions.

Member of the marketing committee