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Julia Ault CertED (QTS) BSc (Hons) ISM Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

Lecturer and Learning Technology Co-ordinator, Skills for the Workplace Programme

Tel: 07977 481 608
E-mail: j.ault@uwtsd.ac.uk

In addition to teaching on the Level 4 CertHE Outreach course, I am also the Learning Technology Co-ordinator for the entire Skills for the Workplace Outreach Programme.

I also teach a Digital Skills and Research Methods module on the Skills for the Workplace Day Delivery Programme in Swansea.

A significant aspect of all my roles is to provide ongoing, hands-on digital, practical and emotional support and encouragement to all our student cohorts - both face to face and online.

The Skills for the Workplace Programmes attract a diverse range of people from all walks of life, and most of our students are returning to learning after some time. These students require specialised study support and teaching methods to build their confidence and help them acquire new skills to progress in the modern workplace.

I have been championing the increasing use of digital technologies within the university for over 12 years because I am passionate about digital empowerment for ALL - regardless of age, gender, previous experience, level of formal education etc.

I believe that the effective use of flexible, blended learning methods - including making full use of technology and social media – will not only enhance students’ life skills but will also increase their employability.

I currently teach on the following Level 4 modules in the Skills for the Workplace Outreach Programme. 

  • Academic and Research Skills
  • Professional Career Development
  • Effective Team Working and Communication
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century
  • Digital Skills and Personal Branding

Digital Skills and Research Methods – I also teach this module on the Skills for the Workplace Day Programme. 

The Outreach Programme is now undertaking its customary full 5-year review and will launch a fresh programme in 21-22, building on our past successes and incorporating new ideas, including the new, forward-thinking Graduate Attribute modules, which have been designed in consultation with employers, government bodies, community organisations etc. to equip the entire UWTSD student body with the essential graduate employability skills to succeed in a very different, post-pandemic world.

The addition of these modules at this point has therefore enabled us to take a timely, detailed look at our current offer and make relevant changes to reflect our own USP so that we can add extra value to our programme by providing a more in-depth examination into some of the topics introduced in the Graduate Attribute modules. 


I am particularly interested in promoting and developing wholly online courses, in addition to our current offer of locally delivered courses using blended learning methods, as I consider this to be an excellent opportunity to take some of our successful and highly regarded programmes out to a wider audience.

This will not only be of benefit to the university itself, but it will also enable many more students to join the university community without the barriers of physical distance.  

I am also currently examining the value of formative assessment online to set Weekly Tasks and ask students to record their new learning outcomes in Learning Logs, using the Class Notebook feature in Microsoft Teams for both activities.

I am keen to find out whether this additional teaching method increases retention, promotes engagement and/or improves students' grades.

JISC Connect More Online Conference

18 June 2020 - presenting on Online Assessment via Microsoft Teams

As a pro-active member of an online Personal Learning Network, I contribute to the sharing of knowledge, information and educational best practice on local, national and global stages.  This network has provided a sustainable and enriching personal experience (both on and offline) which I believe has also considerably enhanced the quality of my own teaching and research.

Social Media:

Twitter @jault_uwtsd
Linkedin Julia Ault