Dr. Kate Piper smiles in a warm hat and fleece; behind her wintry mountains and a lake are visible.

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Kate Piper  BSc, PGCE, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education

E-mail: k.piper1@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Programme Manager: BA Physical Education
  • Lecturer across several BA and BSc degrees, as well as MA Physical Literacy, Sport and Physical Education

Previously to lecturing work, Kate was a secondary school PE teacher in Swansea. Kate was responsible for PE classes (years 7-11), GCSE and A level  courses as well as a key teacher within a behavioural unit within the school.

Kate took a secondment with Physical Literacy Programme for Schools (PLPS) while completing her Masters where she was responsible for supporting teachers in cluster primary schools to improve their physical education provision. Kate then took a guest lecturer position at UWTSD focused on health and wellbeing in education and inclusion. This position developed while Kate was teaching. She went on to complete her PhD and lecturing part time, until her current position as full-time lecturer and Programme Manager of the BA Physical Education Degree.

  • Association for Physical Education
  • British Sociology Association
  • Creative Education through Movement
  • Aims of Physical Education
  • Health and Wellbeing in Education
  • Philosophy of Physical Education
  • Curriculum change
  • Research Methods
  • Study Skills
  • Masters thesis: Professional Capital and curriculum change in secondary schools
  • PhD thesis: A Saluto-ecological perspective of mass participation sport events in Pembrokeshire.
  • Key research interests: Salutogenesis and physical activity; health practices; physical literacy and health; physical literacy in adults; education; health and wellbeing of children.
  • Piper, K., Wainwright, N., Emanuel, L. and Williams, A. (2021) Wellbeing Resources and Mass Participation Sports Events in Pembrokeshire. Event Management (in press).
  • Piper, K. (2021) – An ecological perspective of mass participation sport events in Pembrokeshire. Accepted presentation for British Sociology Association, 21st April 2020
  • Wainwright, N., Goodway, J., John, A., Thomas, K., Piper, K., Williams, K. and Gardener, D (2019) Developing a children's motor skills in the Foundation Phase in Wales to support physical literacy, Education 3-13 Vol 48(5)pp 565-579