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Mrs Kathryn Flynn Post Graduate Certificate, MPHIL, PGCE , BA, Licentiateship

Senior Lecturer - Level 5 Course Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481105
E-mail: kathryn.flynn@uwtsd.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer on the ‘Leisure, Events, Resorts, International Tourism and Tourism Management Portfolio’, in the Institute of Management and Health, UWTSD. Teaching on HND, Foundation Level, Degree and Masters Programmes.

I also teach a module on the BA International Hotel management degree.

Level 5 Course Manager

Appointed in 2001, I have gained significant experience teaching in the areas of ‘leisure, events, tourism, hospitality and sport’.

I currently teach on a range of modules, largely tourism based including ; ‘UK Tourism Industry’, ‘Global Tourism Issues’, ‘ Principles of Management for Tourism Organisations’, ‘Culture, Heritage and Arts Management’, ‘Global Tourism and Destination Management’, ‘Dissertation’.

Key research interests are centred on the heritage and cultural industries, specifically Industrial Heritage Tourism. Within this area, extensive research has been conducted into many of the regional industrial heritage tourism attractions, and related organisations.

In addition to my experience of teaching and research, I have also had experience of working on European Union funded projects and acting within an advisory capacity in the development of local tourism development projects.

External Membership

  • 2012 – Date    Tourism Swansea Bay Trade Association.
  • 2010 – Date    Wales Tourism Alliance.
  • 2008 – Date     British Academy of Management.
  • 2006 – Date    The Higher Education Academy (Fellow).

Internal Membership

  • Editorial Board Panel Member of the ‘South Wales Business Review’ (University Publication – ISSN Reg).              

Subjects Taught (Past  / Present)

  • Professional / Vocational Level = Leisure Management Certificate (LMC).
  • Level 4 = *Study Skills, *Introduction to Leisure Studies, *Leisure in Society, *Leisure Recreation Tourism and the Environment, *Principles of Management, *Research Skills, Hospitality Management, *Customer Care, *Issues in Tourism,  *Tutorship Duties.
  • Level 5 = *Working with People, *Organisational Behaviour, *Managing Festivals Conventions and Events, *Culture Heritage and Arts Management, *Placement and Work based Learning, *Sustainable Tourism, *Tutorship Duties.
  • Level 6  = *Heritage and Rural Tourism, *Research Project, *Geography of Tourism, *Leisure, Culture and the Media, *Impacts and Developments of Festivals and Events, *Global Tourism and Destination Management, *Culture, Heritage and Attractions Management, *Impacts and Developments of Festivals and Events, *Dissertation Supervision,*Tutorship Duties.
  • Level 7= *MTour Programme Director, *MTour Dissertation Supervision and Coordination, *Cultural Tourism Management, *MBA Dissertation Supervision.

Key Research Interests

  • Tourism Development
  • Tourism Regeneration
  • Tourism
  • Geographies
  • Global Tourism Management
  • Industrial Heritage
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Health and Safety,
  • Employability and Work Based Learning
  • Arts and Cultural Management
  • Leisure Marketing
  • Leisure / Recreation Management
  • Events / Festivals
  • Management
  • Research Methodology
  1. Project Officer Role for ERDF Funded Tourism Projects - “Restructuring Service Sector SMEs”, “Tourism For All”. Such projects were jointly managed between Swansea Metropolitan University and an external consultancy group. Projects involved working directly with a number of regional tourism and leisure businesses to enable the delivery of business improvement with specific reference to increasing competitive advantage, sustainable development and accessibility.
  2. Consultation Panel Member for the development of the “Sustainable Tourism Strategy and Action Plan for Rural Swansea” – managed by The Tourism Company Consultancy Specialists. Involvement included reviewing aspects of tourism within rural Swansea, considering the needs and opportunities of enterprises, visitors, the environment and local communities. The process involved a number of consultation meetings and workshops to consider sustainable development and to build upon the assets of the area and what has been achieved to date. 
  3. Active Member of the ‘Hafod, Morfa, White Rock Copperworks / Industrial Development Project’. An initiative jointly managed by the City and County of Swansea, Swansea University and a regional Trust organisation. Ongoing involvement relates to the conservation of the remaining industrial features and the sustainable environmental and commercial development of the area and its buildings.

Conference Papers:

Flynn, K (2011) The Future of South Wales' Redundant Mines?: A Case Study of the Socio-Economic Impact and Development of South Wales' Mines as Tourist Attractions. On the Surface: The Heritage of Mines and Mining Conference, Innsbruck, Austria.

Book Chapters

Flynn, K (2017), ‘Welsh Heritage and Cultural Tourism: Engendering community regeneration and environmental sustainability in the Lower Swansea Valley’. Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland, Palgrave, London.

Jones, A & Flynn, K (2010)  ‘Flogging a Dead Horse Or Creating Cultural Capacity? The

Development And Impact Of Mines As Alternative Tourist Destinations: A Case Study Of

South Wales, UK’. Mining Heritage and Tourism – A Global Synthesis, Routledge, London.

Resource Documents:

Flynn, K (2012) London Olympics 2012 - A Biased Olympics Or Benefits For All? South Wales Business Review, Volume 3, Issue 3, Swansea Metropolitan University, Wales.

Flynn, K (2007) An Investigative Case Study Of The Influences That Industrial Heritage Tourist Attractions In South Wales Have On Their Local Community. Resource Document – South Wales.

Flynn, K (1999) Effectiveness Of Direct Mail Marketing For Local Authority Cultural / Arts Services, With A Specific Focus Upon The Performing Arts Venues In Swansea, Resource Document  - City And County Of Swansea.

Editorial Board Panel Member, South Wales Business Review – Swansea Metropolitan University Publication.

Continuing Professional Development

Computing Skills:  courses include-  Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, SPSS, Internet,t, Blackboard Training (UWTSD), Elearning (UWTSD), Moodle Training (UWTSD), CELCATT Training (UWTSD), MIS Training (UWTSD), Turnitin (UWTSD).

Peer Assessment: Participant in the peer review system within the Institute of Management and Health (UWTSD).

General: Disability Awareness Training, Race and Ethnicity Training, Health and Safetyy Training, Counselling – Student Support Training, Data Protection Training, Online Learning, Student Coaching Training, Student Distress and Anxiety Training.


2013      Post Graduate Certificate in Heritage Tourism – ‘Sense of Place’ with Distinction,

              University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

2007      MPHIL, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, University of Wales,             

              Thesis : “An investigative case study of the influences that industrial heritage tourist attractions in South Wales have on their local community”.                           

2001      PGCE (FE/HE) with Distinction. University of Wales Trinity Sant David, University of Wales.                       

1999      B.A.(Honours) Leisure & Tourism Management, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, University of Wales,             

1998      Licentiateship    Leisure Internship Training, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, University of Wales, City & Guilds.