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Mrs Kelly Andrews BA Hons, PGCE


E-mail: k.andrews@uwtsd.ac.uk

Kelly is a Lecturer within the Institute of Management and Health.

Kelly is responsible for the management of the work-based learning aspect of the course, supporting students as they continue their students whilst working within the community. Offering academic and pastoral feedback and support to students.

Prior to joining the University in 2020, Kelly served 14 years as a uniformed response officer. She joined the service in 2006 starting her career at the age of 26 in Gwent Police. Kelly went on to serve over 10 years as a response officer.

In early 2017 Kelly started a new role as a Police Constable trainer within the Gwent Police learning and development department, she delivered the IDLDP police training curriculum, teaching law, legislation, and police procedures to newly appointed recruits.

In 2019 Kelly started to deliver the new Police Education Qualification Framework jointly to both Gwent and South Wales Police recruits, using her wealth of policing experience to deliver the newly designed program. Working in partnership with UWTSD.

  • Member of College of Policing
  • Member of College of Policing
  • Member of College of Policing