Lara Hopkinson

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Mrs Lara Hopkinson BSc, PgDip

Senior Lecturer

Programme Director - Architectural Technology

Tel: 01792481271

  • Programme Director for Architectural Technology (academic session 2016/17 onwards). 
  • Teaching across both the built and natural portfolios (law, sustainable development, waste management), at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 
  • Supervising final year dissertations and co-ordination of dissertation subjects (2016/17 session). 
  • Engagement with industry and research.

For the last 18 years, I have been successful in securing and delivering externally funded projects at Cardiff University.

Based within the Welsh School of Architecture, my work developed from looking at the efficacy of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) within business, to integrating sustainability research within the construction industry, to sustainability-based training for professionals and Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC). 

At Cardiff, I was involved in teaching at Masters level on topics related to sustainable development within the built environment. 

I have considerable experience of developing funding proposals, having been successful in securing over £10m at Cardiff University. 

I am an experienced project manager, having led substantial projects (including a multi-institution partnered network, and a £3m project). 

I am also an experienced line manager, having been responsible for a team of 7 in my final role at Cardiff University.

I joined UWTSD in September 2015 as a member of the teaching staff, covering both the built and natural portfolios within the School.

  • Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

My current teaching includes:

  • Law for the Built Environment (L4)
  • Design principles (L4)
  • History of Architecture Design Principles (L4)
  • Energy & waste resource management (L5)
  • Sustainable Development (L6)
  • Waste & Resource Management (L7)

I have supported final year dissertations on a number of subjects, including green roofs, Code 6 Homes and the economic benefit of Premiership status for Swansea.  I am always interested in new and interesting subjects, particularly related to the waste field, but also to the use of new innovations within industry.

My research interests include environmental attitudes and issues within industry, particularly looking at Environmental Management Systems and the ways these can be implemented and incorporated into management structures.

Following from this, how Environmental Management Systems can be further developed into Sustainability Management Systems within industry.

I have strong research interests surrounding sustainability in the construction industry on a wide scale, with particular interests in waste-related issues.

I also have been involved in work investigating the barriers to incorporating environmental improvements within commercial lease structures. More recently, I have developed my interests further to the development of training for the Built Environment sector to incorporate sustainability within the professions.

My most recent work has been investigating the use of the Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) agenda, and its incorporation into training for both professionals and within curricula within Higher Education Institutions. 

I am also interested in the concept of ‘Design for Deconstruction’, its validity within the construction industry today and in the future, and Governments response to assisting towards this aim.

  • Sustainability issues, especially within the context of the built environment and construction sector.
  • Waste management research, again with a particular focus on the construction sector.
  • Development of systems to further develop sustainability within businesses
  • Design for Deconstruction, and it importance within the construction sector in years to come

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