Lilian Martin

Mrs Lilian Yuet Ling Martin MA(ed), PGCE, BSc(Hons), AMRSC

Lecturer: AoLE Science and Technology (Secondary Chemistry)

Tel: +441792482012

I am a lecturer in the Science and Technology area of learning.

This means I support curriculum knowledge in science and technology in primary and secondary.

I also lecture on other modules to ensure our students achieve QTS and are thoroughly prepared for employment by the end of their studies.

The favourite part of my job is the connections I have with students and helping them to flourish in teaching. This means I deploy all my experience as a science teacher and as a tutor to help them apply curriculum knowledge and to nurture them to success.

I graduated with a BSc(Hons) at Aston University in Birmingham in 1999. I started my teaching career in Penlan boys school but I mainly taught at Cefn Saeson School in Neath. In that time I have been in charge of Chemistry, STEM, numeracy, MAT and primary science. Within that period, I completed my Masters in Education with UWTSD as a part-time student. 

My speciality is public engagement into science and bringing science to life.

I am passionate about my subject and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with learners young or old.

I am an associate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and I am the lead contact for the RSC at UWTSD.

This affords my students exclusive deals with the RSC including free CPD and resources on the RSC TEACH education website.

I currently lecture on all the Secondary PGCE modules and also on some of the primary PGCE and BAed science and technology modules.

I mentor graduate trainees (GTPs) and my personal tutor group.

I use my expertise to support the professional learning programme (for non-science specialists who want to teach science)

I am continually looking for ways to integrate the Science and Technology Area of Learning Experience and I am actively working with STEM organisations to increase the uptake of STEM subjects in Wales.

I believe continuous learning is vital in life. It also helps us as lecturers appreciate the difficulties in learning and help students overcome them. English is my first language and Cantonese is my second. I am currently taking Mandarin Chinese lessons with the Confucius Institute at UWTSD and using my skills as a teacher educator to provide CPD for their lecturers.

I am also studying Sports Therapy.