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Lynne Seymour BA, MA, PGCert-tHE

Senior Lecturer

Tel: 01267 6553

Programme Manager

I have worked as a professional Actor and Theatre Director since 1992, working with many theatre, film and TV companies across the country and was named as one of the most influential women in Welsh Theatre in 2016.

I am a founder member and artistic Director of Mappa Mundi Theatre company which has been producing theatre since 1993.

I have a vast amount of acting experience in stage and screen and have toured shows nationally and internationally.

I have worked as a voice artist with the BBC and many other recording companies since 1995 and my pieces have gained recognition and awards from the BBC Audio Drama Awards.

I have most recently worked on the Sky Movie film Roald and Beatrix (2020) and the animated feature film The Amazing Maurice as a voice over artist and played the role of Jan in the new series from Tidy Productions Ray and Gaynor (2021).

Equity, Spotlight

I teach across all three year groups for the BA Acting course and also with the MA Theatre Directing course.My main focus for the student actors is on building a practical tool kit of acting techniques and methods that can be adaptable and relevant in the ever changing world of the performance industries.The BA Acting course is a practical, vocational course that encourages students to be confident, creative and collaborative in their working methods. 

My work with the MA Theatre Directing students again promotes the importance of collaboration and creativity but also focuses on leadership skills.Theatre Directors need to be able to lead a wide range of creatives towards a collective vision and each module builds the students’ ability to communicate ideas and concepts confidently and creatively. Both courses have an emphasis on independent thinking and entrepreneurship, and this is the main focus of my academic work.

Modules currently taught: Acting, Script Rehearsal and Performance, Independent Project, Studio Theatre, The Assistant Director, Independent Project, Theatre Styles, Directing Theory and Practice, The Directing Project

Stanislavski and the creation of naturalistic characters.

Uta Hagen’s six steps and theory of ‘direction’.

Script analysis and its practical realisation through character and physicality.

As a professional Actor and Theatre Director who has worked in the creative industries since 1992 I have a practical and working knowledge of the skillset needed for an actor and director. I have played a wide range of roles, both classical and contemporary. I understand the demands of the rehearsal room and performance process and am able to give real world experience and expertise in the modules I teach and the students I supervise.

I have worked with many different companies and directors and therefore I have a wide range of professional experiences and working methodologies to draw from. In my role as Director and Artistic director for Mappa Mundi Theatre company, I have a practical and professional understanding of the skills needed for planning and managing productions, budgets, touring shows as well as managing a large team of core staff and freelancers. As a self-employed freelancer for thirty years I also understand and have professional experience of the challenges of the freelance performer and of the creative industries as a whole.

Artistic Director of Mappa Mundi Theatre Company.