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Mrs Marilyn Foulkes Griffiths B.ED (Hons)  B.A. (Hons)  M.Phil.

Part –time Lecturer History of Stained glass

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 366522
E-mail: marilyn.griffiths@uwtsd.ac.uk

Teach 4 hours a week – history of stained glass, set and assess essays, give students feedback and arrange various site visits as and when necessary.

I have worked in education for more than 20 years, in a wide variety of schools and ages. Apart from the usual teaching duties, I was responsible for various aspects of the curriculum, the development of the school wildlife area, team leader for the staff of years 5 and 6, and mentored newly qualified teachers and students. As teacher of year six I was responsible for liaising with the comprehensive schools and organising various transition trips and field study visits for the students. In 1997 I received a Certificate of Further Professional Studies in Student and NQT Mentoring.  I resigned my last teaching post in 2002 to re-train in stained glass. I graduated in 2006, with a first class honours, and became a self-employed glass artist. I have continued to work part time with schools through the University’s project, Arts in Action, having been involved with this venture since its inception in 1998. My responsibilities within Arts in Action team entail, assessing proposed projects, co-interviewing the students and liaising with and visiting the schools and students to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved. I am currently working towards my M.Phil. and have spent three years re-assessing and organising a comprehensive archive of works found in the Glass Department as part of my higher degree. This archive reflects the unique and long-standing history of the department and is now available for staff, students teaching and research.

Modules taught – Historical and Contextual Studies 1 and 11

M4X00101 and M5X00107 – history of stained glass 1150 – present day.


Certificate of Further Professional Studies in Student and NQT Mentoring.

B. A. Architectural Stained Glass

M.Phil.  Essay title – A temporal assessment of the educational philosophies reflected in the historical artefacts at the Welsh School of Glass, Swansea.

Through my years in education, I have worked as a member of a team as well as a team leader heading weekly and termly planning meetings organising teaching strategies for years 5 and 6. Due to my experience I was appointed NQT and student mentor where I was responsible for assessing and advising on teaching skills, liaising with the University of Swansea’s Education Department, attending and organising meetings with colleagues as and when necessary. I have had experience in managing numerous field study trips, some of which entailed arranging overnight accommodation for groups of up to 60 children. I am able to work well as an individual and within a team. Since working as a self-employed artist I have completed a number of private commissions and repair works. In 2007/8, a colleague and I undertook restoration work making windows for the re-built church of St Teilo in the Museum of Welsh Life at San Fagan. My M. Phil. has enabled me to develop new skills through researching other archives, organising, categorising and the cataloguing of hundreds of items from the school of glass for safekeeping. This has become an invaluable resource for both staff and students alike and facilitates networking with other museums and other centres of excellence in this field. 

I work part-time as a consultant to an arts project namely Arts in Action, details of which are above.