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Matthew Archer MSc (Distinction) Product Design BA (Hons) Design & Technology

Senior Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0) 792 481160
E-mail: matthew.archer@uwtsd.ac.uk

Programme Director for School of Industrial Design Masters Portfolio


  • 1993: MSc (Distinction) Product Design, University of the West of England
  • 1988: BA (Hons) Design & Technology, Loughborough University


  • 2002–to Date: Senior Lecturer, School of Industrial Design
  • 2000–2002: Lecturer, Faculty of Applied Design & Engineering
  • 1994–2000: Part-time Lecturer


  • 2011– to Date: Institute of Sustainable Design (P/T secondment)
  • 1998–2002: Principal Designer, Ideas Centre, SMU
  • 1995–1998: Product Designer, Medical Technology Transfer Centre, SIHE

Teaching Focus:

  • Design Practice & Sustainability
  • Application|Integration of CAD & Rapid Prototyping

Undergraduate Programmes Modules

  • BA Product Design
  • BSc Product Design
  • L4 – Product Design 1
  • L4 – Design Prototyping
  • L5 – Design for Sustainability
  • L5 – Product Simulation & Analysis
  • L6 – External Product
  • L6 – Major Project

Postgraduate Programmes Modules

  • MA Product Design & Innovation
  • MA Transportation Design
  • MSc Industrial Design 
  • L7 – Rapid Product Development
  • L7 – Design Exploration
  • L7 – Major Project

The relationship between Product Sustainability & Digital Prototyping

  • Digital Prototyping Technologies & Design within the Virtual Environment
  • Product Sustainability

Commercial Focus

Expertise in the breakage, replacement, repair and analysis of Automotive Glass in collaboration with Belron Technical Ltd, which has resulted in two patents being published.

Patents Title: W0038916A1: Repair of Flaws or Voids in Bodies

Published: 06.07.2000



Surface damage or flaws (particularly cracks in vehicle windscreens) are repaired using apparatus having a walled bore which surrounds the surface flaw or damage, and a vacuum port communicating through the wall to the bore permitting a region at or adjacent the open end of the bore to be at least partially evacuated of air/gas. A plunger is movable along the bore to urge filler material (resin or the like) into the damage or flaw. A reservoir holds the filler material, which is subsequently dispensed from the reservoir to be introduced to the surface flaw or damage via a flowpath defined through the plunger. 

Patent Title: W09739879A1: Damage Repair

Published: 30.10.1997

Filed: 23.04.1997


A flaw or void in a body is repaired by infilling the flaw or void with a repair material and applying high frequency vibration to act on the body, the high frequency vibration being delivered via a vibration delivery probe of a rigid material.

Commercial Contracts: 1995–to Date:

Industrial collaboration research & consultancy projects with Industry, focusing on Product Research, Design, Development, Evaluation, Surveys & Analysis, Conceptual Design & Prototyping, CAD Modelling and Design for Manufacture.

Maxess Ltd: Arrestor Harness Analysis

High Torque Fasteners Ltd: 3D Modelling of complex components

ICN Photonics Ltd: Hair Depilation Ruby Laser: Design & Development

Kartray: In car tray unit: Design & Prototype

Nimbus Technology Ltd: Bar Code Scanner: Design & Development

Frio: Insulin Syringe Holder: Design & Development

Montagne Jeunesse: Soda Quick Gas Valve Analysis

Whiterock Ltd: DIY Products: Design & Development

Nick Holland Design Group: Exercise Equipment: Concept Design

2010: The Benefits of 3D Printing, GAIM Conference, Swansea

2007: Archer MD & Dawson E

The Transfer of History into Design.

Cumulus: Crossing Boundaries Conference, Schwäbisch Gmünd.

2004: Archer MD & Wyatt C

The Relationship Between Design, Entrepreneurship And Society.

Cumulus: International Conference on Design Processes and Design Education In Entrepreneurship, Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo.

2004: Donne KE, Payne C, Archer M & Thomas R

Computer modelling of Novel Fastener Systems.

5th International conference on Quality Reliability & Maintenance (IMechE), St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford

  • 2012: HE STEM Learning and Teaching Enhancement Grant-£2300
  • 2010–Date: External Examiner, University of Central Lancashire
  • 2006–2010: External Examiner, Middlesex University
  • 2006–2012: Eco Design Centre, Project Liaison Coordinator
  • 2003–Date: Senior Lecturer (P/T), Swansea University
  • 2005–2009: Design Wales: Project Liaison Coordinator
  • 2005–2008: Corus Consumer Products: Project Liaison Coordinator