A headshot of Nia Evans.

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Mrs Nia Wyn Evans BA, PGCE

Lecturer: Welsh (LLC Area of Learning and Experience)

Tel: 01267225143
E-mail: n.evans@uwtsd.ac.uk

Lecturer: Welsh (Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience)

  • Lecturer on the BA Education courses and the PGCE programme with the focus being on developing literacy and communication skills through the medium of Welsh.
  • Welsh tutor for BA students (Welsh Pathway) and PGCE (Cymraeg i Bawb / Welsh for Everyone) when teaching and learning Welsh as a second language.
  • Welsh language tutor on courses provided by Rhagoriaith (the University’s Welsh Language Services Centre)
  • Personal Tutor on the BA course

Nia graduated from University of Wales Cardiff with a degree in Welsh and then followed a PGCE course in primary education at Trinity College, Carmarthen.  She worked in a rural primary school in Ceredigion for a few years before working as a Welsh teacher in the county of Ceredigion.  This role involved supporting schools with Welsh development and providing teacher’s training on all aspects to do with language and literacy development in the primary sector.  At the beginning of 2020, Nia began working for the University where she has continued her interest in language development.  She is also a Welsh tutor on the Welsh second-language courses.

  • Education Workforce Council
  • UCAC

Lecturing on modules

  • ECAD4008 – Leading the Learning (FP)
  • ECAD5008 – Leading the Learning (KS2)
  • ECAD6008 – Leading the Learning (deepening practice)
  • ECAD6008 (PGCE) - Leading the Learning (FP & KS2)

Welsh tutor

  • Welsh Pathway (BA Education)
  • Cymraeg i Bawb / Welsh for Everyone (PGCE)


Nia’s main focus is developing Welsh skills in the classroom. It is important to develop accuracy with regards to oracy to develop high standards of speaking and writing skills. Also, she has a keen interest in children’s literature and how literature can inspire pupils of all ages. Naturally, all these skills are developed through her love of her country, language and Wales’ rich traditions.

Her expertise lies in teaching by offering ideas on how to nurture and develop language and literacy skills in the primary classroom.

Author of ‘Cyfres Y Gwybodyn’ (CAA Aberystwyth) – factual books to develop group and guided reading sessions