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Philip Pitcher MSc, CEng, IMechE, FIExpE

OME Programme Lead


Operational direction and leadership OME modules.

My career has spanned over forty years within the explosives   and mechanical engineering domains with a combination of  ‘hands on’ experience and an academic approach within military and civilian environments.  My unique selling point is the application of my professional, operational and academic skills base to solve problems effectively. These come with a strong, proven pedigree of deliverables. I can fully integrate these skills into any user domain.  I offer a wide range of pragmatic solutions and mitigation methodologies on explosive safety into these applications. Over the last ten years my work has supported maritime customers acceptable safe systems of work based on research, solution creation, novel innovation and conducting engineering assessments both qualitatively and quantitatively.  Where a system proscription is challenged, my alternative solutions have proven to be acceptable in enhancing safety to support UK legislation.

  • Fellow of the Institute of Explosive Engineers
  •  CEng to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers – PRI Chair
  •  International Society of Ballistics – symposium session chair (terminal ballistics)

Support and mentoring Ordnance Engineering  MSc projects (Cranfield University)

  • 2019 – Challenges and considerations for explosives at sea (CONSTRUCTOR Lt Cdr P Pitcher).
  • 2018 – Explosive safety assessments and mitigation techniques in the UK maritime domain (P Pitcher).
  • 2018 – Why explosive safety is managed differently in the maritime domain (P Pitcher)
  • 2017 - Experimentation using Hot and Cold Steel Plate Targets against 7.62mm Ammunition (P Pitcher, D Patten, A Cook, C Grindstone and N Lynch)
  • 2016 – The influence of yaw on the perforation of fragments (Dr. N J Lynch, P Pitcher).
  • 2016 - The influence of adjacent impact on the perforation of fragments (Dr. N J Lynch, P Pitcher).
  • 2016 - Modelling of cook-off experiment for small arms propellant in a cooling barrel using finite element analysis (Dr. Rakhmad Aryo Baskoro, Prof. Amer Hameed, Dr. Bidur Khanal, and Philip Pitcher).
  • 2015 - Heavy fragment impact testing of large munitions filled with PBXN109 (White, Cheese, Stubberfield, Pitcher and Cook).
  • 2014 - Thermal explosions in hot gun barrels (Prof. Hameed, Azevedo and Pitcher).
  • 2013  - Mitigating explosive safety in the maritime domain (Pitcher)
  • 2013 - Extend range shaped charge jet and the effects on munitions. (MSIAC Conference. Author/ presenter: Pitcher).
  • 2013  - Risks of burning insensitive munitions in the maritime domain (NATO Maritime Physical Protection Conference. Author / presenter: Pitcher).
  • 2013 - Cook-off in gun barrels (Prof. Hameed and Pitcher).