Associate Professor Ralph Häussler MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Roman History and Archaeology


Tel: 01570424721

Ralph Haeusler

  • Senior Lecturer in Roman history and archaeology, teaching undergraduates and postgraduates in Ancient History, Classics, Classical Civilisation, Celtic Studies, and in our faculty-wide multidisciplinary MA Ancient Religions.
  • PhD Supervision
  • Member of the Faculty Research Working Group
  • Unfair Practise officer of the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts
  • Organisation of the Classics Research Seminars and the lectures of the Lampeter and West Wales Branch of the Classical Association
  • Organisation of the Sacred Ways Project of the University

My teaching focuses above all on Roman history, Roman Britain, and Ancient Religions.


My major research interests include:

  • Identity, ethnicity and ethnogenesis in the Roman empire, studying the Impact of Roman imperialism on local/native societies
  • Socio-cultural change between Iron Age and Principate
  • Religions in the Roman empire: research on aspects of religious change, translatability, individualisation, sacred landscapes, especially in North Italy, Southern and Eastern Gaul and in Britain 
  • Agency and Individualisation
  • Diversity of flaminicae and archiereiai in the Roman empire

Selected Publications

Monographs & conference proceedings

2013.  Becoming Roman? Diverging Identities and Experiences in Ancient Northwest Italy (University College London Institute of Archaeology Publications) Left Coast Press Inc., California. ().

2012. G.F. Chiai, R. Haeussler and C. Kunst (edd.), Interpretatio. Religiöse Kommuni­kation zwischen Globalisierung und Partikularisierung (proceedings of the conference at Osnabrück University, 9th-11th september 2010). Roma: Mediterraneo Antico.

2008. R. Haeussler (ed.), Romanisation et épigraphie. Études interdisciplinaires sur l’acculturation et l’iden­tité dans l’Empire romain, Montagnac (Éditions Monique Mergoil, Archéologie et His­toire Romaine, 17). (cf.

Articles in international journals and conference proceedings

2013. “Religion and individualisation in Southern Gaul”, in: W. Spickermann (ed.), Keltische Götternamen als individuelle Option? Celtic Theonyms as Individual Option? Akten des 11. internationalen Workshops „Fontes Epigraphici Religionum Celticarum Antiquarum“ vom 19.-21. Mai 2011 an der Universität Erfurt. Osnabrück (Osnabrücker Reihe zu Altertum und Antike Rezeption, vo. 19), pp. 185-211.

2012. “Interpretatio indigena. Re-inventing local cults in a global world”, Mediterraneo Antico 15 (1-2), 143-174.

2012. “Hero Cults in Britain and Gaul between Iron Age and Principate”, in: P. Anreiter, E. Bánffy, L. Bartosiewicz, W. Meid and C. Metzner-Nebelsick (edd.),Archaeological, Cultural and Linguistic Heritage. Festschrift for Erzsébet Jerem in Honour of her 70th Birthday, Budapest: Archaeo­lingua, pp. 249-264.

2011. “Grassroot democracy: das athenische Experiment”, Potestas 4, 2011, 21-53.

2011. “Beyond ‘polis religion’ and sacerdotes publici in Southern Gaul”, in: Federico Santangelo et James Richardson (edd.), Priests and State in the Roman World. Stuttgart: Steiner (Potsdamer Altertums­wissen­schaft­liche Beiträge, 33), S. 391-428.

2010. “From tomb to temple. On the role of hero cults in local religions in Gaul and Britain in Iron Age and Roman period”, in: J. Arenas Esteban (ed.), Celtic Religion across Space and Time. Molina de Aragón, Toledo, pp. 201-226.