Shaun Jenkins

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Dr Sean Jenkins BA(Hons); MA; PhD; Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts

Senior Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0)1792 481242

Programme Director of the BA|BSc(Hons) Product Design programmes.  Responsible for all aspects of programme management including its delivery, academic quality and standards. 

Key areas of academic interest include all facets of Product Design (Theory and Practice) with specific teaching and research specialism in Computer Aided Design (2D Sketching to 3D Surface Modelling, Visualisation and Prototyping) and Human Factors (Product Interaction and User Experience).

Current module teaching responsibilities across both undergraduate and postgraduate School of Industrial Design programme portfolio include:

Level 7:

  • Visual Communication

Level 6:

  • Major Project
  • Design Manifesto

Level 5:

  • Professional Practice
  • User Analysis
  • Advanced Surfacing & Visualisation

Level 4:

  • Design Methods
  • Design Visualisation


Key research interest is the application of Infrared Thermography to the study of user experience during human-product interaction. 

Recent PhD and published research has established that psychological activity during different levels of product interaction evokes autonomic physiological responses, which are manifest in the vasodynamics of the human forehead and observable as temperature changes that can be captured using thermal imaging.

The research supports the proposition that Infrared Thermography offers a viable non-contact objective measurement technique that may be used as a research tool to understand and predict user experiences during product interaction.  Experimental work to date has successfully used thermal imaging to identify and measure tonic and phasic cognitive and affective states during simulated human-product interaction. 

The findings suggest that specific ‘types’ within a sample population may be identified using the differentia of forehead temperature asymmetry, which was shown to be associated with underlying asymmetry in EEG activity.

This new knowledge indicates that this imaging modality has potential applications beyond the initial scope of the work within the field of user experience and product design, and that is also applicable to research fields including Psychophysiology, Psychology and Healthcare.

Academic expertise includes programme development, pedagogy, validation and management. Lead contributor to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programme initiatives in the Schools of Industrial Design and Digital Media and participated in a range of internal scrutiny and validation events across the University. External academic roles have included External Expert for course approval and review at the University of Bradford, School of Engineering, Design & Technology (2005-2009) and External Examiner for BA & MA Product Design programmes at the University of Salford, School of Art & Design (2009-2013).

Commercial experience as a freelance designer/maker, in the product, furniture and interior sectors, and as part of the University’s commercial services developing industrial and medical laser systems for international clients.

Extensive experience of external student project liaison with a range of clients including RECARO Aircraft Seating, Hasbro, Addis, Design Against Crime, Clinique, Corus, Belron Technical & AGSI, South Wales Police, City & County of Swansea, EnergyTech Ltd, McKechnie Ltd & Luminar Plc. 

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