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Dr Sujeewa Priyadarshani Herath BA, MRes. PhD


E-mail: s.herath@uwtsd.ac.uk

Interviewing course applicants, lecture planning, preparation and research contact and teaching time with students, checking and assessing students' work, encouraging personal development via tutorial, attending staff meetings and general administration.

Work as a research fellow at Dublin Centre of European Strategy since 2016 under the supervision of Professor Eugene Kozlowski. Now working on the research project on IT assets disposal (ITAD).

Business Management, micro and ethnic entrepreneurship, Academic and employability skills, Business Skills, workplace relationships and achievement.

Completed PhD thesis on the impact of personal innovativeness in the domain of Information Technology among Ethnic Entrepreneurs in UK and published a paper.

Research, Data collection, Analysis, software analysis, Project Development.

HERATH, S., HICKEY, P. and KOZLOVSKI, E., 2018. The Policy Paradox: Bridging The Gap Between Ethnic Entrepreneurship And Immigrant Integration Policies. Business & Management Studies: An International Journal, 6(3), pp.551-569.