Tim Stokes

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Mr Tim Stokes MA, BA 

  • Lecturer
  • Technician Demonstrator

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481046
E-mail: tim.stokes@uwtsd.ac.uk

Tim is an artist and a technical creative with experience working with art and design projects, film, animation and multimedia production. He is passionate about great ideas, running creative projects and inspiring and motivating art students. 

Technician Demonstrator:

Managing busy and dynamic art studios, facilitating staff and students with materials, equipment and technical assistance. Leading practical workshops, such as screen printing, casting - along with digital workshops in Photoshop, Illustrator, animation and video.

Marketing the course through digital and print based campaigns. Creating exciting campaigns, producing interviews, designing videos and graphics to advertise the course.

Installing and constructing student exhibitions


Lecturing into a broad range of Art and Design areas including Animation, Surface Pattern, Film and Video, Fine Art, Photography and Product Design, specialising in Visual Communication.

Developing creative strategies during classes to motivate and engage students to produce work. Researching and delivering Lectures and Project Briefs and assisting in module design