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Benefit from a STEM Education

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths and refers to any subjects that fall under these four disciplines. Courses that utilise skills from these areas dominate the league tables for graduate prospects in terms of salaries and professional employment and are jobs critical to the UK economy.


Contrary to common misconceptions STEM is not ‘hard’ or ‘boring' but opens up a world of possibilities where you have the opportunity to shape the future and change lives, designing that eco home, advancing computer technology, engineering new solutions and helping to tackle the environmental crisis.

  • STEM graduates are numerate, can analyse complex data and apply their theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems. They have ingenuity, logical reasoning and practical intelligence, as well as the ability to creatively apply these talents. These attributes are sought after by the creative as well as scientific industries.
  • STEM fields are among the fastest-growing and highest paying in the UK.
  • STEM graduates are vital for making sure the UK’s economy continues to thrive and will play a key part in ensuring the UK reaches the current government target of 2.4% of GDP being spent on research and development by 2027.

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