Carlene Campbell


I lecture and lead several postgraduate and undergraduate modules for Computer Networks and Cybersecurity courses.

I am also the Institute Manager of Research Degrees within Wales Institute of Science and Art (WISA). Science and technology are the leading areas that are transforming and automating the lives of people. These areas are lacking a female presence, and we desperately need to have more women pursuing careers in technologies that are often dominated by men.

The importance of Mentoring

I was an excellent math student and did very well in the sciences. After graduation, I worked in the health sector, epidemiology, and was assigned a mentor, Dr. Herma Carpenter-Bernard, who saw my abilities and believed in me. She encouraged me to pursue a career in Computing and I truly believe in the benefits of mentoring to support students in achieving their goals. It was a very male-dominated field and throughout my studies, I would either be the only female or totally outnumbered by the males in my classes. It was the same in work but thankfully, this is slowly changing.

Women in STEM

The STEM field needs more women, particularly in Computing and technology. Women are productive, they pay attention to detail and always standout, their contribution needs to be recognised and supported. It’s rewarding and fulfilling when you are making things happen, inventing, coming up with new ideas, and we can impact the STEM field in so many positive ways. Confidence is an issue, we need to keep persevering and not be intimidated when we are outnumbered by men in any situation.

STEM is an exciting field to be involved in, and we can make our voices heard and learn not to shy away from communicating our ideas. Having a supportive and encouraging lecturer in your studies can help to overcome these issues.

Interested in studying Computing?

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