Rachel Alexander

BSc (Hons), PGCE, MRes, EngD

Why did I go into Engineering? My father was a mechanical engineer and worked on the design for the Cern Synchatron (early particle accelerator) and Concorde, so I think my interest in science and engineering came from him.

Industrial Experience

I started my career at British Steel (now Tata Steel) undertaking industrial research and developed a mathematical model of the Runout tables on the Hot Mill which was used in the design of the current run-out tables at Port Talbot and Llanwern. I then worked as a project engineer on the revamp of Llanwern hot mill looking after the alarms system installation and the upgrade of the operators’ control desk and the mainframe computers that run the mill.

Later in my career I researched organic coatings on steel and gained my doctorate, presenting my research at an international conference in Canada. A career in Engineering is challenging, rewarding and rarely boring. Working in a variety of industrial settings before starting an academic career, I can pass on that experience to students and encourage them in their career goals.

Women in Engineering

Increasing the opportunities for women in STEM is essential, with the global requirement for engineers increasing we need to focus on providing that educational opportunity fairly and to all.  I am passionate about getting more girls into engineering and run workshops within the university for school pupils. The thing I love most about engineering is helping the next generation of students to succeed.

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