Join the UWTSD Student Ambassador Team

Student Ambassadors

We recruit Student Ambassadors throughout the year to support the work of the Marketing Recruitment and Reaching Wider units on our Carmarthen, Lampeter and Swansea Campuses.

Help us to recruit new students to the University through sharing your student experience and supporting the Marketing team’s activities such as open days, taster events and campus visits.

There are also a range of specialisms available such as Social Media or Office support. For more details, see the 'Further Information' section.

Being a Student Ambassador allows you to work when it’s convenient for you while still building excellent employability skills that will look good on a CV.  

A good student ambassador: 

  • Is enthusiastic about UWTSD and their course
  • Enjoys working as part of a team
  • Is good at communicating with new people and comfortable with public speaking
  • Is keen to share their experiences of university life
  • Is positive, friendly and reliable

Interview sessions will be held on each campus.  Please ensure you are able to attend one of these sessions (any campus) before applying.

Following the interview sessions, there will be mandatory training sessions which you must attend before you will be able to take on any ambassador work.

How to Apply

  • Applicants should complete an application form and email it to
  • When completing the application form, please refer to the guidance notes below. 
  • If shortlisted, you will then be invited to an interview.  Following this interview, successful applicants will be required to attend a training session.

Please download the following forms to apply for a post as Student Ambassador

Guidance for completing the Student Ambassador Application form

The purpose of the application form is for you to tell us a little bit about yourself:

  • Where you’re studying
  • What you’re studying
  • Why you want to be an ambassador. 

The form used is the standard application form that all UWTSD jobs use, therefore you may see that there are some sections that are difficult to complete as they don’t seem relevant to you. 

When you complete your application form please ensure that you complete the following ESSENTIAL sections:

  • Section 1: Qualifications
    Tell us what you are currently studying (you don’t need to add all of your previous qualifications unless you think they are relevant to the student ambassador role)
  • Section 6: Language Skills 
    Please complete the Language Skills section
  • Section 8: Character Referee
    Pease give the name and email of one of your tutors as your character reference.
  • Section 9: Supporting Statement
    Please add a paragraph (or more if you want) that tells us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be an ambassador.  Be sure to add some examples of how you feel you meet the requirements set out in the job description. 
  • Section 10: General
    Please check the relevant boxes
  • Section PDM 9: Rehabilitation of Offenders
    Please check the relevant boxes

All completed application forms should be emailed to:

Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 are not essential and may not be relevant for some students.  If you have feel that there is additional information (relevant to your application) that you would like to provide, you can do so in these sections. 

Further Information

In addition to the main responsibilities of the role, some marketing activities focus on particular groups or priorities. 

We’ve provided an overview of these below and ask that applicants tell us what their preferred role would be and why they think they may be suitable - by describing any similar real-life experiences on their application form.

Although not part of the assessment, this information will help us align successful applicants to their preferred role.

Applicants will need to tell us how they think they meet the essential criteria listed in the job description, (and where possible, the desirable criteria) - by describing their relevant real-life experience on their application form. 

Please note, we believe that Student Ambassador work should not interfere with your studies but instead complement your experiences as a UWTSD student. We expect that all our ambassadors will be up-to-date with their course requirements before volunteering for any ambassador duties.

Interview and Training Dates

The main recruitment period is October – December, however applications throughout the year are invited.

If you apply between January and September, you may be required to attend a training or refresher training in November / December

We also accept applications and run a training session in early summer (End of May/beginning of June) for new ambassadors applying to work over the summer months

Additional role descriptions

Subject Specialist

  • Support and deliver talks, presentations and workshop activities on and off-campus.
  • Attend events alongside a member of UWTSD’s Widening Participation and Community Engagement team.
  • At all events, Ambassadors need to be confident and approachable, able to share their own experiences and talk about all aspects of HE life in a positive and engaging way.

Learning Ambassador (Widening access and Reaching Wider)

  • Actively support reaching wider events on and off campus working with primary and secondary school-aged children.
  • Promote Higher Education as an option for target groups as specified in the Widening Access and Community Engagement Strategy
  • At all events, Ambassadors need to be confident and approachable, able to share their own experiences and talk about all aspects of HE life in a positive and engaging way.

Technical Demonstrator

  • Assist the Marketing Recruitment teams’ activities in promoting the University’s specialist courses and related workshop materials and equipment. 
  • Demonstrate the safe use of specialist equipment or programmes during taster days and events. 
  • Attend events alongside a member of UWTSD’s Widening Participation and Community Engagement team, where the use of industry specific equipment is appropriate.
  • At all events, Ambassadors need to be confident and approachable, able to share their own experiences and talk about all aspects of HE life in a positive and engaging way.

Admin and Technical Support

  • Support the Marketing recruitment team with preparation for events and projects. 
  • Admin support ambassadors should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, knowledge of the mail merge function is desirable. 
  • Previous experience of website CMS systems is desirable but not essential.
  • Attention to detail and an ability to work unsupervised is key to this role.

Mature Students’ Champion (Return to learn)

  • Assist with delivering presentations and workshops aimed at students returning to education.
  • Share your own experiences of admissions processes, student support and life at UWTSD
  • Provide a realistic view of HE to help manage returning students’ expectations

Social Media Champion

  • Social media content producers play a pivotal role in our marketing and outreach activity, creating blogs, vlogs and rich content for future students thinking about joining UWTSD. 
  • In this role you will be expected to tell your UWTSD story and share top tips through authentic written and/or visual content aimed at prospective students, parents and other influencers.
  • Produce blogs and/or vlogs and other rich content relevant to the journey of a prospective student and personal to the author/creator, reflecting your UWTSD experiences in a positive light.
  • Represent your faculty, course or subject area when producing content as a representative of UWTSD
  • Ensure blogs/vlogs is informative and creative with each piece focussing on a specific theme as set out by the Principal Marketing Officer for Social Media as well as contributing ideas for topics and themes.
  • Experience of using photo or video editing software is desirable.
  • Social Media Champions are expected to adhere to the University’s social media policy at all times.