Meet the Student Experience Team

The Student Experience Department works in close partnership with the Students’ Union to support the continuous development of a positive student experience at UWTSD. Here’s a little more about what we do. Get in touch with us at 

Estelle Hart 

Head of Student Experience

Estelle leads on departmental strategy as well the day to day work of the department. Reflecting her background in the student movement she’s passionate about ensuring UWTSD students' are able to be active participants in their education and are empowered to become active citizens.

Favourite alumnus?  

Rugby great Barry John, even if he did play for Cardiff.  

Where do students have to visit during their time at UWTSD? 

We’re really lucky to be close to some amazing scenery including two national parks but for me the best place in Wales is Gower. It was the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK and is truly stunning, there is also delicious ice cream to be found everywhere.


Dr Lewis Pearson  

Life Design Development Officer 

Lewis leads on the Life Design initiative, a unique programme designed to support the personal development of our students. His passion for design thinking and PhD in designer-client communication allows him to empower our students through interactive workshops and resources.  

What’s your one piece of advice for someone starting at UWTSD? 

Make the most on your time at university. There is no other time in your life where there are so many exciting free opportunities available to you. 

What was your favourite thing about studying? 

I studied product design at UWTSD. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the outcomes of my projects and defending my work. 


Rhiannon Lleision-Jones

Senior Student Experience Officer 

Rhiannon works on a number of projects including feedback, communication and welcome, ensuring the smooth running of the projects and liaising with multiple internal and external stakeholders. She is passionate about improving the student experience through feedback and believes education is transformative. 

What’s your one piece of advice for someone starting at UWTSD?  

There is so much going on at UWTSD to get involved with. My one regret is not getting involved with the students’ union when I was at uni. Get involved in a society, become a course rep, or even campaign to become a part-time of full-time officer. 

If you were to enrol on a degree at UWTSD what would it be?  

I have already studied at UWTSD and have a PGCE, and PgDip in Human Resources Management. However, if I had the skillset I would definitely study Surface Pattern Design, it is by far my favourite degree show to visit. 


Chris Fox  

Senior Student Experience Officer

Chris has worked in the HE sector for the past 8 years and has vast experience working with students surveys. He leads on student satisfaction surveys, analysing and reporting on the findings to identify good teaching practises whilst ensuring student feedback is acted upon. 

What was your favourite thing about studying? 

Meeting new people and creating some amazing memories. Figuring out what I liked most about my degree (statistics) and pursuing a career that focused on this.  

Favourite alumnus? 

Dr Lewis Pearson, innovator of Life Design project which is considered by some to be world leading within its field. 


Hazel Cardew 

Creative Content Assistant 

Hazel leads on the production of digital and printed materials to support student feedback and communications, designing the UWTSD Welcome & Induction booklets and @UWTSDStudents visual content. Through her background in Fine Arts, Hazel is passionate about student involvement in local community events and opportunities.  

Where do students have to visit during their time at UWTSD?

There's a great arts scene in South West Wales that comes from real grassroots talent. There are so many festivals to get involved with and galleries to check out.

If you were to enrol on a degree at UWTSD what would it be?

I would love to study Architectural Glass. The facilities are amazing and this course is so unique – UWTSD is the only university in the country that runs it.


Steve Davies 

Administrative Assistant 

Steve makes sure the front facing part of the team is operating effectively and efficiently, and keeps our social media and student opportunities website up to date. Being a fluent Welsh speaker, he can comfortably field queries bilingually. 

One piece of advice for someone starting at UWTSD?

Embrace its culture and history.

What don't a lot of people know about UWTSD?

That Lampeter is the third oldest University in England and Wales (1822), behind only Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Where do Students have to visit during their time in UWTSD?

The many Castles and museums throughout the area to learn about Welsh history, heritage and culture.


Ffion Davies 

Student Experience Assistant 

Ffion’s role involves meeting with students, offering guidance and signposting to relevant university services.  

She also leads on gathering feedback to implement positive changes and strives to continuously improve the student experience at UWTSD. She is passionate about education and fostering a healthy, inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to use their student voice. 

What’s your one piece of advice for someone starting at UWTSD?

My advice would be to make the most of the opportunity to learn the academic stuff, but also to educate yourself about the world and the people who surround you while you’re at university. It will make your experience more vibrant and exciting.   

What was your favourite thing about studying?

Having the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in learning and identifying specific interests. 

What’s been your highlight of being part of the SED?

Working collaboratively with a team who all share a common goal and are driven by empowering students.


Dr Mirjam Plantinga

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)

Mirjam has a strategic and operational leadership role across the University in relation to student engagement and representation and the enhancement of the student experience of students across all campuses.  She also engages with optimising student satisfaction and the University’s performance in league tables and surveys. 

Mirjam trained as a classicist and was formerly the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts.