If you think alcohol is having an unwanted, negative impact on your daily living you should get more information and support. There is lots of support available.

Alcohol Change UK

Alcohol Change UK host lots of useful factsheets and interactive tools such as Dry January app (Free)

Alcohol Coaching

The university is committed to supporting students who identify alcohol as being an issue in their lives. If you meet the scoring criteria on the Alcohol Quiz you are able to have 3-4 free coaching sessions with counsellors from Alcohol Change UK. Alcohol Change UK have expertise in alcohol use and misuse and support those who find that alcohol is causing a problem in their lives.

The sessions are free to you and completely confidential. Information about your alcohol intake will not be shared with the university (unless the situation is deemed critical to life). The coach will listen and support your first steps to making positive life changes and provide support on services where appropriate.

If you think you would benefit from coaching please complete the quiz below. If you meet the criteria you will be provided with information and contact details.

Alcohol Quiz

If you are unsure whether alcohol is an issue for you, if you have concerns with the amount of alcohol you consume or its impact on your daily life try the Alcohol Quiz. It is free, quick, confidential and easy to use. Please answer honestly as there will be information and support tailored to your score at the end.

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