If you have an emergency and you are on campus you should contact the 24/7 Operations Team on 07767 842738.

If you have an emergency and you are off campus you should call 999.


Keep Safe

Your responsibility as a member of the University community is to be on the lookout for signs of abuse and neglect and to share any concerns you have with the University so that we can follow up and offer support. If you are concerned about another student, please complete the Cause for Concern form. You can report your concerns anonymously if you choose to. Your concerns may include issues around a student's health, wellbeing or behaviour or circumstances that may be impacting their academic progress or general management of life at University.


Student Wellbeing Services

The University recognises that students may require support during their studies. The Wellbeing team offers a range of services designed to support students to engage effectively with their studies. The Well-Being team provide professional and confidential advice and guidance in relation to student well-being and mental health. Information about the Wellbeing services provided and how to access them can be found here.


University Commitment

The University is committed to supporting and promoting the welfare and safety of students, staff and visitors throughout our operations and environment.

Occasionally students may become vulnerable and the University has a range of services and policies in place to respond to presenting need and help to safeguard them.

Our published Safeguarding Policy explains the framework in place to safeguard against potential risk, abuse and harm, and to appropriately respond to concerns.

The principles set out in the Policy are that the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is committed to:

  • Providing a safe environment for all its staff, students and visitors;
  • Providing an environment that is safe from harm for those under the age of 18;
  • Upholding the rights of children, young people and vulnerable adults to protection from harm, freedom from injury and a safe and healthy environment.

The Policy is based on the National Wales Safeguarding Procedures. The Policy also acknowledges the University’s wider responsibilities in respect of the UK Prevent Duty and the requirement to prevent people from being drawn into radicalisation and/or terrorism. If you have any concerns in relation to Prevent themes then please contact the Interim Prevent Lead Officer, Rhys Dart.


UWTSD Designated Safeguarding Officers:

Lead Designated Officer: Michou Burckett St Laurent (Head of Student Well-Being) m.bstlaurent@uwtsd.ac.uk

Director of Student Services: Rhys Dart r.dart@uwtsd.ac.uk

Associate PVC (Academic Experience): Mirjam Plantinga m.plantinga@uwtsd.ac.uk

Executive Director of Human Resources: Jane O’Rourke J.ORourke@uwtsd.ac.uk