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Studying at University is exciting, but it can also feel stressful and difficult at times, so it is important to look after yourself. If you are healthy, you will be able to make the most of your course and the opportunities that student life has to offer.

If you begin to struggle with relationships or find that you cannot cope with your coursework, there may be reasons for this. There is support available to help you identify what is causing problems and to put sustainable support in place. All the services are free and confidential and provided by experienced qualified specialist professionals.

Our health continually changes, being affected by everything that is happening around us whether we:

  • eat and sleep properly
  • get on with our family and friends
  • keep in touch with our friends and loved ones
  • are feeling or how our friends and family are feeling
  • keep active and exercise enough
  • feel able to ask for help when we need to
  • take regular breaks and maintain a healthy balance in our lives
  • take care of our sexual health
  • look after our safety
  • maintain our hobbies and are able to relax and enjoy ourselves
  • or not we are doing things that we feel good at which maintain our self esteem
  • accept who we are as individuals

There are five simple ways to help you in maintaining a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Don't ignore any problems that are worrying you. Don't underestimate the benefits of sharing any worries you may have. It helps to talk
  2. Be aware of what and when you are eating and drinking. A healthy diet and lots of water maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. This is the fuel that keeps you on the road
  3. Aim to keep your sleep pattern regular, between 6 to 8 hours will keep concentration at optimum levels, help you manage your emotions and sense of perspective
  4. You are drinking too much alcohol if it affects your work, your relationships, your finances or your health. More information is available.
  5. 20 minutes of exercise daily improves physical health and helps maintain stress levels. Free swimming is provided on the Carmarthen campus and at the local swimming pool in Lampeter, and gym facilities are also available

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For students who feel they would benefit from talking through any issues that are worrying them, the Counselling Service is available. If you are aware of any additional needs or disability then contact Services for Disabled Students for more information.

If you are experiencing or have experienced mental health difficulties then it is important that you contact the Mental Health Advisors who can support you.

For additional support beyond the University's services, please see the useful links section for a full list of help and support from outside agencies.